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February 23, 2011

For the love of Terry Richardson and a side order of Gaga

by Accidental Bear

Terry , I want to change lives with you for a year. You are attached to anything and everything worth a damn. You rock!


Lady Gaga gets naked, raunchy in Terry Richardson photo shoot for Supreme

Lady Gaga went to the extremes in a new raunchy photo shoot for Supreme, a New York City-based line of clothing and skateboarding gear.

behind-the-scenes video posted online by photographer Terry Richardson features the “Born This Way” songstress fondling her breasts, touching her nether regions and provocatively licking her arm.

In the few parts where the pop star, 24, is clothed, she’s wearing only skimpy black lingerie or a wet white t-shirt bearing the Supreme logo.

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February 23, 2011

Bears VS Android

by Accidental Bear


Smart phones aren´t for everyone…..specially if you got huge fingers

February 23, 2011

Say What? Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

February 23, 2011

JAMES FRANCO / GUS VAN SANT; My Own Private Idaho , Relived

by Accidental Bear
Cover of "My Own Private Idaho - Criterio...

Cover via Amazon

I lived, breathed, worshiped , emulated this film. The thought that I can breathe some fresh air through this film project has me all in a fuss. LA here I come.


FEBRUARY 26 – APRIL 9, 2011

456 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
T. 310.271.9400 F. 310.271.9420
Hours: Tue-Sat 10-6
Gallery Information
Gallery Map
Download Press Release PDF (42 K) 

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition by Gus Van Sant and James Franco.

“Unfinished” features two films, Endless Idaho and My Own Private River, which are collaborations between Van Sant and Franco. After casting Franco in the award-winning film Milk (2008), Van Sant showed him the dailies and other footage that he had shot many years before for My Own Private Idaho (1991), which starred River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves as street hustlers in Portland, Oregon. Much of this material did not make it into the final cut, and so Franco decided to fashion it into two new films, riffing off the original title.

For Endless Idaho, Franco edited outtakes, deleted scenes, alternate takes, and behind-the-scenes footage from My Own Private Idaho into a 12-hour film. Endless Idaho provides an unprecedented look into the workaday process of making a movie, from location scouting to repeated takes. Like many of the films of Andy Warhol, a major influence on Van Sant’s own auteur style, it is a provocative, often riveting blend of documentary and fiction. Interviews with actual hustlers who played secondary characters inMy Own Private Idaho are intercut with shots of River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves improvising and refining their performances under the direction of Van Sant and his crew. The music for Endless Idaho was composed by Luke Paquin and Tim O’Keefe. By contrast,My Own Private River consists largely of shots of Phoenix ‘s character, Mike, woven into a compelling portrait. Franco describes being mesmerized by Phoenix ‘s “uninhibited acting” in this unreleased footage, and his edit captures the gifted actor at his most emotionally expressive and physically dynamic. The score is by Michael Stipe, who is an art school drop-out.

The films are accompanied by eight works on paper by Van Sant, which translate his acute directorial sensitivity with regard to human nuance and gesture in film into the immediacy of watercolor. With the same subtle powers of observation that distinguish his filmmaking, he has created portraits of young men who recall characters in My Own Private Idaho — defiant, circumspect, and devil-may-care insouciants. Working from photographic images found on the internet, Van Sant has created vivid impressions of his incidental icons, employing brushwork that alternates broad, limpid strokes with an assiduous attention to detail and a varied palette of both washed out tones and dense, electric hues.

February 23, 2011

Ex-Boyfriends – Uh-Oh! Music Video

by Accidental Bear


February 23, 2011

Things I Want, Please & Thank You; Unionmade SF CA

by Accidental Bear

I will  be glad to accept this gift from you!

Woolrich Woolen Mills “Trail Parka”

Woolrich Woolen Mills "Trail Parka"

Daiki Suzuki’s final collection for Woolrich Woolen Mills celebrates “a bygone era in outdoor clothing when simplicity reigned king.” Many of his inspirations lie in the fashions and styles of outdoor brands from the 1950s-1980s. The jacket is made in the U.S.A. from a cotton/poly mix. The jacket offers: inner faced pocket flaps in cotton twill with button look closure, cotton pull cords, covered button center front placket and a game pocket on the back panel. The standard visor hood is always a plus on vintage styled jackets. It’s available at Unionmade.

I’ll make it easy for you to buy this for me ( wink) . Did I mention green looks great with my eyes!

493 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Monday through Friday 12-7
Saturday 11-7
Sunday 12-6

PHONE: 415-861-3373

February 23, 2011

Video | The Gilt MANual; 3 pillars of modern manliness

by Accidental Bear


Steven Alan Shirts






“In the first episode in their new weekly style series, Gilt MAN’s Josh Peskowitz and Tyler Thoreson pay homage to the three pillars of modern manliness: Scotch, Steven Alan shirts, and…um…scarves.”

February 23, 2011

Sexual boundaries not already toppled; Gregg Araki

by Accidental Bear

It may seem that all envelopes filled with steamy, yet taboo sexual boundaries have already been opened. Not quite. Gregg Araki is about to reveal a few more that have been tucked away or not head exposed to the main stream. My eyes are always on Greggs every move.



Generation Gregg



Director Gregg Araki on making ‘Kaboom

“The New Queer Cinema is dead!” Well, if that’s true, then what is Gregg Araki doing back in theaters with Kaboom? It’s his apocalyptic, queer sex comedy whose characters bust through every station on the Kinsey scale. By movie’s end, they attempt to head off a mysterious threat to life on earth.

Kaboom begins abruptly, as if awakening from a delicious wet dream. It’s the 19th birthday of our nervous, horny hero Smith (Thomas Dekker), who’s about to share his dorm room with an impossibly hung blonde Adonis surfer-boy named, what else, Thor (Chris Zylka).

Thor announces that he’s experimenting with some bold new exercises. “Ever read that thing on the Internet, if you do these flexibility exercises twice a day you’ll be able to give yourself a blow job in three weeks. I’ll even mail you the link.”

“That’s okay.”

Gregg Araki makes no secret of the fact that in Kaboom, he’s not only pushing past the few remaining sexual boundaries not already toppled in such New Queer Cinema classics as The Living End, Mysterious Skinand his depressed teen trilogy. He’s imbuing his characters with a previously inconceivable sexual flexibility, as fluid as the racial identities proclaimed by many young Americans checking off myriad boxes on the new Federal Census form.


February 23, 2011

Personally Divided by Traders Joe’s SF Castro

by Accidental Bear

Personally I LOVE Trader Joe’s. Pretzels wrapped in seaweed, dipped in chocolate, rolled in dirt and prayed on by shaman monks ( Ok, I made that product up, but they do have some ridiculously healthy ODD yum-yums). Having no car, I was secretly rooting for TJ’s on Market Street in the Castro district of San Francisco. But I may have now changed my mind and here are 2 reasons why. Molie Stones opening on 18th Street and Whole Foods near Church/ Market. While you all were fighting  over the prized spot in Castro ( thats been emoty for how many years now??) these two other high end markets beat you to it so now we have NO NEED FOR TRADER JOE”S  in Castro.


via Bay Area Reporter

Tensions flare over Trader Joe’s parking

by Matt Baume

A packed meeting of the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association Monday, February 14 addressed a proposed Trader Joe’s in the former Tower Records building in the Castro, leaving many neighbors divided over the project.

“It’s a market we’ve been trying to get into for many years, probably since the late 1990s,” Doug Yokomizo, Trader Joe’s general counsel and vice president of real estate, told the Bay Area Reporter . He anticipates a Planning Commission meeting by April.

But neighbors expressed concern over parking and transit, particularly in light of a draft traffic study that found that the store would draw 2,100 to 2,500 cars per day, or 160 to 190 per hour.

Those cars would require 1,050 to 1,250 parking spaces per day, but the building’s garage can only accommodate 209 per day, the study says. On-street parking in the area is limited. The building is at Market and Noe streets.

Several nearby intersections are already rated “Level F” by the city, the poorest possible rating for congestion and delays.

Among other modifications, the project would convert the sidewalk into a loading area for tractor-trailers parked on the street, potentially blocking the bike lane.


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