Did a pigeon eat my foreskin? SF Wants to Ban Circumcision

by Accidental Bear

Dear Diary, I stay up endless sleepless nights wondering what my life might have become if after sliding out my mothers womb, I hadn’t been brutally attacked and had my brand new new to the world little penis chopped up and mutilated. Would I have been better in school? Would I have been a better lover? Diary, I will never know what happened to that little flap of skin that was stolen from me. Was it thrown into a trash heap and gulped up by a city pigeon. Oh Diary, I  will never know. I can always count on you Diary to listen tearing dropping conundrums. XOXO


San Francisco ” Intactivist” Wants to Ban Circumcision

Via unicornbooty.com
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Lloyd Schofield: Saving your skin!

Meet Lloyd Schofield, the CaliforniaIntactivist” rounding up signatures for a ban on circumcision within San Francisco’s city limits. Schofield and many others that circumcising baby boys isn’t all that different than the highly publicized female genital mutilation that happens in many parts of the world, but it widely banned.

While the health risks associated with circumcision are dramatically lower than butchering that young girls are forced to undergo, is slicing and dicing a newborn boy’s genitals all that different?

california, lloyd schofield


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