“Pattern Recognition” Neckties for Spring 2011

by Accidental Bear

When I grow up, I’m going to wear ties.


via www.selectism.com

C. Chauchat “Pattern Recognition” Neckties for Spring 2011

C. Chauchat "Pattern Recognition" Neckties for Spring 2011

C. Chauchat delivers looks from their Spring 2011 collection of double-layer neckties that look to bring new life to the classic necktie form by pulling inspiration from “60’s Op Art, and Magic Eye illusions.” ”C. Chauchat, or ‘hot cat’ in French, is a line of men’s accessories that banishes flatness in favor of dimension and character… A curved back seam streamlines fabric bulk to make the tie fall more elegantly…” Worth a look by all guys who are in need of new neckwear.

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2 Comments to ““Pattern Recognition” Neckties for Spring 2011”

  1. Tight.
    I dream of a world where all office workers are made to wear vintage black suits.

    • That will be a very fancy place. Can I come visit? And borrow a tie 🙂 The older I get the more I can appreciate a well dressed man. Although 7 days a week Im in jeans and t-shirt ( cute ones of course)

      Accidental B

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