Art ‘Is Gay,’ According To Banksy Successor Stall

by Accidental Bear

First off I have a school teacher for my better half and he has broken me down to agree with him that we ( everybody, gays included) need to STOP saying things are “gay”. No matter what way you look at it, when it’s used to describe something with the intention of saying it’S LAME, DUMB, or BAD its negative for all gay people on a whole.

As far as Stall’s “art ” work, I say LAZY! I understand the humor behind what he’s doing, but lets not pay him any attention. Lets give him his 15 minutes of fame and then go back to worshipping Banksy!




Art ‘Is Gay,’ According To Banksy Successor Stalls

Move over Banksy, because Stalls has come to town. In the new Spike Video Game Awards-nominated film Enter Through the Stall Door we meet Stalls, who’s made quite the name for himself by just tagging “is gay” on other artists’ work. “I mean there’s a lot of stuff out there that should be called gay,” he says. If you don’t understand why this is brilliant, then you don’t understand art, and that makes you look stupid.

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3 Comments to “Art ‘Is Gay,’ According To Banksy Successor Stall”

  1. In my area we have a tagger that just writes “Street Art is Gay”.
    Thanks as always for the great shares!

  2. Why not pay him attention? Is worshipping Banksy somehow more important?
    Perhaps I’m misreading your post, and the meaning/intent behind it…on the one hand you say to ignore him and his “art” and then you say that if you don’t get it, you’re stupid (or look stupid).

  3. Life is all about opinions and that in which I write is mine. You read between the lines up, down and sideways to think anyone was called stupid. I say his art is lazy and I should have added unoriginal. It’s what you see in any bathroom stall. I like art that promotes creativity and/or positivity not writing, ” Is Gay” when used as an insult.

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