Gangs Run the Mission Streets; Hipsters Beware the Colors you Wear

by Accidental Bear

Can a innocent honky (white male ), un-gang related be gang banged (ming out of the gutter) for wearing red sneakers in the Mission district ,SF? This was an actual thought I had while walking down Mission and 24th the other day. Caught in cross fire? Details coming out after some recent murders are the result on misidentification.


via SFist

SFPD, Mission Neighborhood Groups Huddle Up on Gang Violence


According to KTVU this morning, that shooting in the Mission at 24th and Harrison yesterday was not only gang related, but was apparently retaliation for Saturday’s fatal shooting of another known gang member. Between Saturday and yesterday’s shootings there were two other incidents of gang-related violence reported in the neighborhood, which makes for an alarming number of crimes in such a short period of time. In light of the noticeable rise in gang tensions, interim police chief Jeff Godown, along with the head of the gang task force, met with Supervisor Campos and other community leaders to address the issue.

On the enforcement side, Godown says his department is making a “concerted effort to let the gang members know” gang and narcotics activity won’t be tolerated in San Francisco. Which hopefully means the department will be rethinking their budget that has diverted funds from gang-busting after a quiet couple of years. And if we’re worried about gangs and the narcotics trade, it might not hurt to re-evaluate that recent spate of nightclub-adjacent incidents while we’re at it.

While the SFPD sorts out their attack strategy without a permanent police chief, they’ll at least be stepping up patrols and gang suppression units in the neighborhood. On the community side, a peace rally is being planned for the neighborhood, which sounds like Supe Campos’ work.



One Comment to “Gangs Run the Mission Streets; Hipsters Beware the Colors you Wear”

  1. You only have to worry about that if you have the demeneor of a gangster or Hispanic or both. If your some random person that just happens to be wearing red they cud care less.

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