“Greatest varsity blazer in the history of varsity blazers”

by Accidental Bear

Dammit! In the early 90s I worked at a vintage boutique in New York and we had stocked hundreds a vintage letterman jackets. What I would do to transport back in time and grab an armful to wear today. They are HOT HOT HOT. I love the idea of wearing your boyfriends lettermen jacket as a sign of going steady. The hopeless romantic in me dreams of wearing ” Brads” jacket ,the quarter back and getting busy in the back seat of his convertible thunderbird at a drive in movie! Back to reality.


via http://www.selectism.com/

Uniforms for the Dedicated ‘Anthem’ Jacket

04 March 2011, 12.30 | Posted in FashionNo comments »

Selectism - uniforms-dedicated-varsity-jacket-01

Remember that UftD varsity blazer they released a while back? They’re at it again.  This time it comes in black and beige and looks bawse. We’re gonna stay away from hyperbole this time and just say that this is the greatest varsity blazer in the history of varsity blazers. (ASOS)


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