The Vampire Diaries Sleep Over May Get Petty Officer Booted

by Accidental Bear

I guess this is the new six pack. It’s been joked that the difference between a gay guy and a straight is merely a six pack of beer. I think we have new “game” men to get straight men to jump sides, a DVD set The Vampire Diaries.


Navy to Boot Sailor for Vampire Diaries Sleepover?

By Editors


Navy officials have launched discharge proceedings against a petty officer who claimed he and another sailor had fallen asleep watching The Vampire Diaries when the two were caught in bed together.

Stephen C. Jones insists nothing was happening and the two merely nodded off, but investigators say the sleepover crossed “professional lines.”


2 Comments to “The Vampire Diaries Sleep Over May Get Petty Officer Booted”

  1. As a strong conservative, I have to say… Gay, Straight, White, Black, Yellow with Purple Poka-Dots. This is outrageous. I personally know this Sailor … he is honest and an all around good person. He is strong and diligent when he sees and injustice to anyone. I am saddened by the treatment that he has received. I am ashamed that he was told out right that he was being “separated” from the Navy because “he might have done something”. Did you catch that I said he was told he was being punished because “he MIGHT do something”? Has America lost sight of what we are supposed to be standing for? We are supposed to be the Nation that sets the example to all other countries. So many of our Soldiers have died just for that. Then the “face” of America, our very own Military, now feels that they do not even have to follow our own laws…the same laws, and rights that they say they are dying to defend?! I am disgusted. I am ashamed and I am heartbroken. No one needs to ask what has happened to youth today, because they have NO representation of how America should be. When our Military and our Law Enforcement is no longer held to a higher standard~then no one should think that the younger generation will have the respect that is needed. Under the “reasoning “ for Stephens “separation” , everyone who has ever had a drink should be punished because they “might” get drunk and drive. Everyone who has ever been mad should be punished because they “might” get mad enough to be violent. Is this REALLY where we want America to go? Conservative as I may be… I am an American first and I DO NOT stand by our Military for this. I just hope that a little justice can be still be found for Stephen and any other person that has had the Government stomp on their God given American rights.

    • What an amazing , thoughtful and well spoken comment! Thank you for taking the time out to express your thoughts. Much appreciated and good to know that there is a level playing ground between conservatives and liberals.

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