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March 6, 2011

The first performance artist in Space-Make history

by Accidental Bear

Awesome, Amazing out of the box Art


Project by Inbred Hybrid Collective



Combining the best soundbites from Science Fiction with choreography dictated by the specific experiences of a civilian space voyage, Inbred Hybrid Collective will boldly go where no artist has gone before. Using a lifetime of experiences tailored to this event, including classical ballet training, vocal and speech lessons, and countless hours immersed in the worlds of Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, HR Giger, Jules Verne (to name but a few), a zero gravity manned flight will become an expression of the finest pursuits of the human mind: creativity and experimentation. With the fruition of this dream, the final frontier will provide one small dance step for man, and one giant leap for artist-kind. It is the earnest hope of Inbred Hybrid Collective that the realization of this endeavor will inspire future generations of young artists to continue reaching for the stars in both a literal and a metaphorical sense, and to never stop turning the advantages afforded by science into an ever-expanding canvas of opportunity.

Project location: Queens, NY

March 6, 2011

Gratuitous Cute Stuff of the Day

by Accidental Bear

photo source : By Brittany Reagan

Stationary Travelers


March 6, 2011

MRSA, Feces and Skin-borne bacteria on Bart (You)

by Accidental Bear
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) logo

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Ok this is almost as gross as when I found out how much vaginal secretions are on movie theater seat ( No joke. Reports say it was from girls in shorts skirts without underwear). Next Bart ride I will pull a garbage out of my back pack and sit on it. Better yet, don’t sit or touch anything.


via NyTimes

On BART Trains, the Seats Are Taken (by Bacteria)

Carrie Nee prefers to stand during her half-hour commute on BART from San Leandro to downtown San Francisco. Although the trains’ blue fabric seats are plush and comfortable, Ms. Nee refuses to sit on them.

Thor Swift for The Bay Citizen

Jason Martinez removed a dirty seat cushion from a BART train before replacing it with a clean one at the South Hayward train yard.

The Bay CitizenA nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization providing local coverage of the San Francisco Bay Area for The New York Times. To join the conversation about this article, go to

“I would love to sit down, but it just grosses me out. They’re disgusting,” said Ms. Nee, a 26-year-old records clerk.

Riders on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system have long complained about germs in the hard-to-clean cloth seats. As Bob Franklin, the BART board president, acknowledged, “People don’t know what’s in there.”

Now they do.

The Bay Citizen commissioned Darleen Franklin, a supervisor at San Francisco State University’s biology lab, to analyze the bacterial content of a random BART seat. The results may make you want to stand during your trip.

Fecal and skin-borne bacteria resistant to antibiotics were found in a seat on a train headed from Daly City to Dublin/Pleasanton. Further testing on the skin-borne bacteria showed characteristics of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, the drug-resistant bacterium that causes potentially lethal infections, although Ms. Franklin cautioned that the MRSA findings were preliminary.



March 6, 2011

Guardian Angels Increase Patrols On SF’s Mission Streets « CBS San Francisco

by Accidental Bear

Guardian Angels Increase Patrols On SF’s Mission Streets « CBS San Francisco.

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