“Pray the Gay Away?” Tuesday at 10/9c

by Accidental Bear


How much poor representation of homosexuals can one world take? It makes me sick that Lisa Ling goes along with him pretending that he wants to be straight for a second. Who is he convincing? Poor thing, you need therapy and to drop this thing called ” god” then you can start some real healing and acceptance of who you are. As for now I will diagnose you; Homophobic Homosexual


Bonus Sneak Peek: “Pray the Gay Away?”, an all-new Our America Tuesday at 10/9c

Meet Christian. A young man trying to shed his past as a drag queen, stripper and homosexual. Tune in Tuesday at 10/9c for an all-new episode of Our America with Lisa Ling.

5 Responses to ““Pray the Gay Away?” Tuesday at 10/9c”

  1. fuck him. Fuck religeon. fook da lyfe.

  2. I watched your show this evening .I can tell you from experience I was married and had three children I knew my whole life I was gay but due to peer pressure and the way I was raised you did not talk about it. It wasnt til I found god and became aware of religion that I was able to come out and live by truth not live a lie. I am happy in my life which makes my family happy.

  3. why do people pick on gays for they are people too. they are over saveing are butt for are freedum.

  4. i think most things are simple in life but there seems to be a bizarre human condition where we tend to make things much more complicated than they really are. therefore i believe when it comes to this topic of Christianity and homosexuality it is very simple and clear: you can NOT pray the gay away. this is how u were born. u can’t not pray and become gay so how can u pray to be straight? i am not a christian but i was raised in the church and have heard everything out there on the christian religion. but i still believe in god and i believe that god created us in his or her image and if that image is gay then that is exactly how u are suppose to be and u are perfect in gods eyes. there are only a few things that, in this life, are truly important and i believe that they are very simple and they are: love yourself, love your neighbor, and do your best in this life. to judge others and condemn others for their sexual orientation is something that is intolerable and un-Christian. i feel that Christians who judge others and say that they are a less of a christian and may be going to hell b/c they are gay is deeply disturbing to me and very sad. this kind of thinking and actions ruins lives and i believe is all part of a nasty human condition that is the feeling of wanting to control others and have power over others and also wanting others to believe what we believe so that we feel validated in what we believe. this way of thinking is in no way christian and i do not believe Jesus would ever judge people this way and make them feel so horrible for the way they feel and whom they are sexually attracted to. i also believe that someone’s sexual orientation is no one else’s business but their own. how creepy is it that we are even trying to control and help people stop believing and feeling what they do when it comes to their OWN sexual orientation? in the end if you believe that being gay is a sin and u want to become straight then by all means go for it, but don’t ever tell another that this is the RIGHT AND GODLY thing to do. we must all follow our own paths to god and what is out there. no one else is you so how can they ever say what is right for you?


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