Where Have all the Great Whites gone?

by Accidental Bear

I am a water baby and often daydream of living under the sea. I imagine the water of the Bay Area swarming with great white sharks. I obsessively stare at the surface of the water in an attempt to make a shark fin appear.  I know found out it’s much less likey than I had thought. I’ll have to lather myself in fish guts dump myself over board to getter a better look I guess. I’ll have to ask Lady Gaga how to best cover myself with dead animals and still look haute couture.


Few great white sharks than scientists expected

Kelly Zito, Chronicle Staff Writer
Far fewer great white sharks ply California’s coastal waters than biologists had expected, according to the first-ever census of the predators’ population in the northeast Pacific Ocean.

In fact, scientists believe only 219 full-grown and near-adults hang out in the waters between Bodega Bay and Monterey each fall, feasting on seals and sea lions before roaming south to mate.

“The number seems incredibly low – it was very surprising for us,” said Taylor Chapple, who led the study as a post-doctoral student at UC Davis. “If you look at other protected marine mammals such as polar bears or killer whales, their populations are far bigger than white sharks.”

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/03/08/MNBB1I6GV4.DTL#ixzz1G799NJtr


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