Blames gay rights progress

by Accidental Bear has closed after it tried to be both a gay Facebook and later a gay Groupon

Dear Sir, it’s called an over saturated market in which you dabble. Much like gay bloggers ( ha, I beat you to it. So, get a spoon and eat my a**). After your done with that, please look up the definition of progress and than put it into scale. That means you will have to take yourself OUT OF the center of the universe. Thanks and you’re welcome.


Founder of Fabulis/ blames gay rights progress for failure of his gay social network, the gay social network that launched originally as Fabulis, has closed after its founder said that advances in gay rights mean there is less need for a gay version of Facebook.

The website began as a sort of gay Foursquare-style game based around users’ Facebook connections. It then evolved to a gay version of Groupon.

But neither really took off despite millions of dollars of investment from influential angel investors and the Washington Post. The company will now reform as a Groupon clone centred around design enthusiasts.


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