Your partner has their eyes on your internet activity

by Accidental Bear

“…. I always feel like somebodys watching meeeee…..” First off if you are a meth head ignore this article because you are just plain paranoid. Besides the basic log on/ log off functions I am somewhat computer illiterate. In my naivety I thought that  when you deleted a message it was gone, POOF! To my surprise there is a whole system  working behind the scenes on your pc , not letting go or letting you  get rid of “evidence” ; cookies, cache etc. If you are trying to hide something from your ex or lead a secret life you better go old school and what ever it is you want to hide be sure you can bury it in your back your or be able to throw it in the bay!




Are you being secretly watched by your partner?

In 44 per cent of couples, at least one partner is secretly checking up on the other’s online activities.

That statistic – drawn from a study last year of couples’ use of computers – indicates that many people have been in at least one relationship that could be described as bad, to say the least. I can hold my hand up and admit to being in a few poor relationships – but one was specifically bad due to trust issues.

I’d been cheated on, but after managing to get over it I decided to give things another chance. He was my first boyfriend and the only person who had ever really shown me that kind of love before.  Still, after being cheated on I found that the temptation to check up on my boyfriend’s fidelity by secretly checking his mobile phone was too strong. I did check, and I found nothing – and what made things even worse was that he caught me just as I was trying to get back to the home screen.



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