Miguel from Sui Generis talks Seasonal Transition

by Accidental Bear
Miguel Lopez

Miguel Lopez / Owner of sui generis SF CA

Miguel talks, I listen.

Dressing for Seasonal Transition – Tip of the Week-

San Francisco is in limbo these days. How long is winter going to last for? When can we start sporting our spring apparel? With stints of wet and chilly weather followed by sunny and clear stretches you may find yourself wondering how to dress for such a transitional period of time. Well, the secret is to always be prepared.

Throw that umbrella in your bag, just in case. Be knowledgeable about the weather forecast (Weather.com Hour-By-Hour Forecast is a useful tool) Give yourself options by layeringyour clothing so you can be comfortable in a wider range of temperatures. Don’t prematurely throw on those shorts at the first signs of sun. Start to add a bit more color to your wardrobe but don’t skimp on the material just quite yet. Be patient.

In Miguel I trust!

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