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March 13, 2011

What’s a Trook?

by Accidental Bear

I don’t know what it is but it’s manly. Check it out for yourself.



Selectism - trook-01

We were tempted to leave this off the site purely because of it’s awful name. We know shortening words is all the rage these days but trook? really? Name aside, this is one for the rustic among you. They’ll be masculine enough for all you rugged gents and also have the added bonus of looking nice as well. (Mar Mar)

Selectism - trook-02

Selectism - trook-03


March 13, 2011

Things I want, Please and Thank You

by Accidental Bear

Size 11 , please and thank you!

via Selectism

Eastland Made In Maine Camden Shoe

Eastland Made In Maine Camden Shoe

Hand-sewn from Horween leather makes these Camden’s  from Eastland’s Made in Maine line both beautiful and perfect for wear-ins. The shoelaces are American rawhide. The real deal. Find them at Need Supply.

eastland made in maine camden shoe 1 150x150 Eastland Made In Maine Camden Shoeeastland made in maine camden shoe 2 150x150 Eastland Made In Maine Camden Shoeeastland made in maine camden shoe 3 150x150 Eastland Made In Maine Camden Shoe
eastland made in maine camden shoe 4 150x150 Eastland Made In Maine Camden Shoeeastland made in maine camden shoe 5 150x150 Eastland Made In Maine Camden Shoe
March 13, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day; Jacob

by Accidental Bear


A little overdue, but a compilation of month 1.

Day 56
Day 55
Day 54
March 13, 2011

Fashion and Objects by Walter Van Beirendonck and Mates

by Accidental Bear
I cant help but to think about the theme song to Married with children. Art breeds fashion or fashion breeds art is the question. What ever the out come the end product is FIERCE ( shaking pointing finger in your face)

Viktor & Rolf, “The Chainsaw Massacre,” spring 2010.
Photo by © Peter Stigter.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Art & Fashion.
Between Skin and Clothing

5 March–7 August 2011

Hollerplatz 1
38440 Wolfsburg

Fashion and Objects by Walter Van Beirendonck, Louise Bourgeois, Hussein Chalayan, Christophe Coppens, Comme des Garçons, Salvador Dali, Naomi Filmer, Robert Gober, Martin Margiela, Francesco Vezzoli, Viktor and Rolf, Anna-Nicole Ziesche and many others.

The exhibition explores the relationship between art and fashion. Since the sixties art and fashion have shared the same avant-garde feeling. Fashion no longer expresses power, money and social class; instead, it starts to express art and culture. Fashion and popular visual cultures—like pop art—became the new visual aesthetics of society. Fashion and Art are conceptual in the same way . During the eighties Japanese designers as Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons started to explore the boundaries of clothing and the meaning of fashion. Viktor & Rolf and Hussein Chalayan too started to present fashion shows in the new millenium that looked like art-installations.

The exhibition, which first has been shown at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, curated by José Teunissen and Han Nefkens, will be reshaped for Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg by José Teunissen and Annelie Lütgens, curator of Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.

Fashion show DREAM
with Walter Van Beirendonck and students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, on 25 March 2011, 8 pm, at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (
Information and tickets: and at the box office

March 13, 2011

The Third Man Rolling Record Store keeps on Truckin’

by Accidental Bear
Third Man Records

Image via Wikipedia

Your turntable is not dead.

Third Man Records | Nashville, TN 

Third Man Records was originally founded by Jack White in Detroit in 2001. In March of 2009, a physical location was established in Nashville, TN. Third Man Records in it’s current state serves as record store, record label, live venue, and one stop production house with a rehearsal and photo studio, darkroom, and production office and distribution center. All of our records are produced by Jack White in his own Third Man Studio, then printed and pressed right here in Nashville. With our unique set-up we can have an artist recorded and photographed in one day and have records for sale in our store within weeks. In this way we are bringing a spontaneous and immediate aesthetic back into the record business.

Located at 623 7th Avenue South, Nashville, TN.
Open Monday – Saturday 12-4pm
For More information call 615.891.4393


March 13, 2011

Todays Moment of GAY: WHAM!

by Accidental Bear










March 13, 2011

Prolixus Luminis; “wide-eyed”

by Accidental Bear

Aspiring photographer Andrew Oldershaw takes a break from his day job to have some fun with the camera and share his favorite photo of the week with


By Andrew Oldershaw

I love portrait work. I love the idea of capturing something in the blink of an eye that might only exist for that one suspended moment in time. A look. A gesture. In this case, my very brave friend allowed me to splatter him in paint for a little series I did with him. The rest of the series is a little more serious than this one. The little purple flower was a random last-minute addition that somehow switched the tone of the image entirely, to something rather comedic and cartoonish. His expressive eyes certainly helped here. This was shot in natural light, which really helped enhance the colors of the paint.

– will be featuring a new photo from Andrew Oldershaw every Friday. Check back next week.


March 13, 2011

It takes a Real Bully to Vandalized a FagBug

by Accidental Bear

I say pick on someone your own size and that’s not rainbow colored. How tough can you be for spray painting a rainbow colored bug? This act only drives home the point that Erin Davies is making and puts ignorance on a pedestal. FYI you forgot to spell check ” fagget” moron.


FagBug Vandalized Again Editors


In 2007, Erin Davies’s VW Beetle was vandalized when someone spray paintedFag” and “U R Gay” on her car. She decked her Bug out in rainbow colors and started driving around to college campuses, educating students on tolerance and antigay discrimination.

Now, 47 months later, someone has defaced her car again.

While she was preparing for an appearance at SUNY Plattsburgh Tuesday, someone wrote “Faggets + Dikes Need to Die” on the driver’s-side window.

“I wished I saw it happen so I could’ve had a chance to interview the person who did it,” Davies told Vanity Fair Stick Shift blogger Brett Berk. “My project is all about documenting this type of thing and discussing people’s opinions from various viewpoints.”

Davies said the latest incident won’t set her back — she plans to incorporate it into her next presentation.

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