It takes a Real Bully to Vandalized a FagBug

by Accidental Bear

I say pick on someone your own size and that’s not rainbow colored. How tough can you be for spray painting a rainbow colored bug? This act only drives home the point that Erin Davies is making and puts ignorance on a pedestal. FYI you forgot to spell check ” fagget” moron.


FagBug Vandalized Again Editors


In 2007, Erin Davies’s VW Beetle was vandalized when someone spray paintedFag” and “U R Gay” on her car. She decked her Bug out in rainbow colors and started driving around to college campuses, educating students on tolerance and antigay discrimination.

Now, 47 months later, someone has defaced her car again.

While she was preparing for an appearance at SUNY Plattsburgh Tuesday, someone wrote “Faggets + Dikes Need to Die” on the driver’s-side window.

“I wished I saw it happen so I could’ve had a chance to interview the person who did it,” Davies told Vanity Fair Stick Shift blogger Brett Berk. “My project is all about documenting this type of thing and discussing people’s opinions from various viewpoints.”

Davies said the latest incident won’t set her back — she plans to incorporate it into her next presentation.

One Comment to “It takes a Real Bully to Vandalized a FagBug”

  1. Would we be surprised if a car decked out with Christian motifs/crosses was vandalized?

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