Game Shame: New “comedy” set in hair salon

by Accidental Bear

Hair dressers, florists, massage therapists, nurses, and TRANNY HOOKER are all gay stereotypical jobs and a lot of time these stereotypes hit the nail on the head. This new show pounds the nail on the head. I’ve lived through Will and Graces poor representation of gay guys and it seems like each time I channel surf there is a new show spotlighting gay men unlike any gay men I know. It makes sense though , their  drama, over the top personalities and cat fights make for good TV.


Via Queerty

The Gays In Michael Patrick King‘s Hair Salon Comedy Are As Stereotypical As You’d Expect

Michael Patrick King‘s new comedy pilot for NBC A Mann’s World, about a celebrity hair salon in Los Angeles (starring Don Johnson as heterosexual Allan Mann) with a disproportionate number of straight characters for such a plot, does star Mario Cantone as, well, what else? But producers will be casting for three uber-effeminate gay stylists who say things like “girl.” As outlined in the pilot treatment, their names are — I present to you without comment — Snip, Snap, and Snur.

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