OHHH DOOGIE Don’t stop, You so Naughty

by Accidental Bear

I see Doogie Hawser is ass-less chaps , on all four, and ball and gagged, (DEFINITELY BALL AND GAGGED) and underneath a glass table. Have I gone to far?


Sex Advice From David Burtka

By Advocate.com Editors


David Burtka is getting ready to open up about his love and sex life before Neil Patrick Harris in a new chat show called Foursome.

The show, similar in style to the syndicated radio showLoveline, will feature Burtka and three other hosts. Burtka said he will be talking primarily about his partners before Harris.

“I have quite a past,” Burtka told TV Guide. “I have lots of stories to talk about.”

Last fall Harris and Burtka became fathers to twins Gideon and Harper, now five months old.


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