Gays Kiss on TV, nothing new but pleases the mainstream

by Accidental Bear

The news of these two kissing has polluted the internet this morning so it is my gay duty to bring to you some footage of that on camera lip lock. This excitement must be getting so much attention because of Glees mainstream audience. They must have never seen Queer as Folks dirty sex scenes zooming through the screen and into living rooms for a decade now.


Kurt and Blaine Kiss on Glee

Watch as Kurt and Blaine finally share their long-awaited kiss on Glee.

By Editors

KurtBlaineKissx390 (Screengrab) |

Kurt and Blaine shared a long-awaited kiss on Glee.

Sandra Gonzalez recaps the highly anticipated moment, which Blaine initiated, forEntertainment Weekly.

“Speaking of revealing moments…easily the week’s most buzzy and tender moment came from another of my favorite pairs — Kurt and Blaine. Sigh,” she writes. “As Kurt was working on a tiny birdie casket, Blaine walked in wanting to practice their Regionals duet, ‘Candles’ by Hey Monday. (The group had voted to split the spotlight this time around as opposed to letting Blaine do his usual thing.) If I may overthink this scene a moment, I knew it was going to be big based on the expression on Blaine’s face when he walked in. And it was a big moment in every way. After Kurt asked Blaine why he’d picked him as a duet partner, Blaine wasted no time and put his feelings out on the table. ‘Kurt, there’s a moment when you say to yourself, ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever,’ he said. ‘You move me, Kurt. And this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you.’ Then they kissed.”

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  1. This is boring.

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