Is the scent of bacon manly?

by Accidental Bear

We need to rethink our thought of manliness. Bacon smell = macho? Gays can be confused about what is macho like the rest of world. An example of things gay guy THINK make them macho or butch them up are baseball caps. Its like butch drag. If under that hat you are sporting tweezed eyebrows, that’s not butch. Thanks and you’re welcome.


Teenage Boy Makes Bacon-Scented Candles


Watch out, Yankee Candle. Thirteen-year-old Hart Main is hot on your trail. The teenage entrepreneur has created a line of candles scented with “masculine” aromas like buttered popcorn, grass, garage, sawdust, and bacon. Each hand-poured Mancans candle is packaged in an empty soup can (Hart reuses them after donating food to a soup kitchen) and shipped from his central Ohio home. And if that weren’t enough, the budding wax mogul makes his own commercials to show how his product can magically transform Justin Bieber into one of the manliest men in music history:

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