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March 17, 2011

Gay Bash: A Benefit For Barie Shortell

by Accidental Bear


Less than a month ago, Barie Shortell, a gay Brooklynite was brutally attacked on North 4th and Wythe. His attackers broke his nose, jaw and eye socket in what would seem like a robbery attampt….only thing is they didn’t steal anything. Before the attack they were taunting him with derogatory anti-gay comments. The sole purpose of attack was hate.

After the attack, Barie endured 9.5 hours of surgery to reconstruct his face. He is healing now, but like many Americans he was uninsured and was left with a HUGE hospital bill. To contribute there is a benefit account set up to assist with Barie’s hospital bills, after care such as physical therapy, legal fees and other expenses related to the crime, please send donations to:

The Barie Shortell Benefit Account

Minnco Credit Union

311 Credit Union Drive

Isanti, MN 55040

Here is a link to the website set up for info on the event:

Duly posted. For what it is worth I heard about this disgusting act at last week’s Community Board meeting. It was described as being “pretty bad”. This is an understatement (he was in surgery for over nine hours to have his face reconstructed). Please be a good neighbor and help spread the word about what happened to Mr. Shortell. Those who are able, please tender a donation to help defray medical bills and/or attend the previously mentioned fundraiser at Blackout:

Below is info on a benefit to raise money for Barie’s hospital bills.

Gay Bash: A Benefit For Barie Shortell
Wednesday, March 23 2011 starting at 7:00 p.m.
Blackout Bar
916 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Cost of admission: $35.00 (includes three hour open bar)

Let’s show ‘em that we north Brooklynites take care of our own!

Additionally, a Facebook page has been created.


March 17, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day

by Accidental Bear

Source: ilovefacialhair

March 17, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You’re A Disappointing Gay Best Friend

by Accidental Bear

Its all about your expectations people. Don’t be to harsh on your friends for not calling or texting you back the same day  because most likely you are a lousy friend. No baby don’t squirm , the truth is never easy. This is a great article. I have non gay friends that when ever they run into me the jump into this uber gay persona , to please me? Stop it, it’s ridiculous. Most annoying are girls that get all, ….” Heeeyyy girrrrl ” on me. Stop, it’s excruciating and insulting to watch you try and act like how you think you are suppose to act while talking to a gay person. Thanks and you’re welcome.

Don’t act that way just because I’m gay and you want to show approval


Raise Your Hand If You’re A Disappointing Gay Best Friend

Does your best girl friend have the wrong idea of the role you play in her life? That you’re not there to tell her how fabulous she looks, or what the latest Lady Gaga track means to you, or that you’re totally gonna rock out with some drag queens tonight? Then you’re a disappointing gay best friend.

Gays have so many expectations to live up to in their friendships. Sure, we expect our straight girls to always have foundation to cover a skin blemish or an extra pair of jeggings for a quick trip to grab smokes, but but what do we do for them? Clearly, not enough.

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March 17, 2011

Happy St. P Day Pic of Day : Green Things

by Accidental Bear

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March 17, 2011

Andy Warhol Still Makes Bank in 2011

by Accidental Bear

I would love to see Andy’s coy facial expressions if he were alive as this transaction goes down. He would probably run out and buy a shopping cart full of tin foil to celebrate and take a polaroid of the bill of sales. (which would eventually sell for another million dollars)



Andy Warhol‘s ‘200 One Dollar Bills’ Goes for $43.7 Million


The money appears to be back in the contemporary art market:

“The price rose at breakneck speed as five collectors vied for the classic image, ‘200 One Dollar Bills.’ It ended up selling for $43.7 million (including fees to Sotheby’s), more than three times its high estimate of $12 million. The buyer, whom Sotheby’s refused to identify, bid by telephone through Bruno Vinciguerra, the company’s chief operating officer. Sotheby’s would also not identify the seller, although people familiar with the collection said it was Pauline Karpidas, a London-based collector. Just a year after the art market was in the doldrums with the world’s financial markets, buyers with deep pockets were not shy about stepping up for tried-and-true artists. The sale topped Sotheby’s expectations, totaling $134.4 million, well above its $67.9 million high estimate.”

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March 17, 2011

Man Down; Surfer Dies at Mavericks, Wicked Sad R.I.P. Sion

by Accidental Bear
Mavericks Surf Contest 2010.

Image via Wikipedia

Hawaiian man killed while surfing at Mavericks


Sion Milosky was always in search of the biggest waves to surf. The Hawaiian native found those waves on Wednesday at the Mavericks surf break north of Half Moon Bay, but the swells were just too overwhelming.

Milosky, 35, was killed at about 6 p.m., said a fellow surfer who witnessed the incident.

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March 17, 2011

Gay Couple’s Wedding Turned Down by Florist

by Accidental Bear

A homophobic florist, isn’t that an oxymoron?



Canadian Florist Refuses to Handle Gay Couple’s Wedding

Florist vs. gays in New Brunswick, Canada:

PetalsandpromisesAfter agreeing to provide the flowers for a wedding, Kim Evans of Petals and Promises Wedding Flowers sent an email last month to the couple, saying she didn’t know it was a same-sex wedding and would have no part of the ceremony.

“I am choosing to decline your business. As a born-again Christian, I must respect my conscience before God and have no part in this matter,” the email said.

Evans has not returned calls from CBC News to explain her decision.

Mario Bourgeois Leduc, wedding planner for the couple, who didn’t want their names released, said he was appalled by the florist‘s email, especially since “you’re celebrating love and you’re going against all of the odds to celebrate what is important in your life.”

“This is going to stay with them for years, because they were again told that their lives are not OK

It’s also against the law: “According to the New Brunswick Human Rights Act, anyone doing business in the province cannot refuse customers based on race, religion or sexual orientation.”

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March 17, 2011

Malaysia Censors Lady Gaga

by Accidental Bear

Malaysia Censors Lady Gaga

Malaysian broadcasters have garbled the LGBT reference in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

By Editors



March 17, 2011

Armistead called out for being not “real men” ; Say whaaa

by Accidental Bear

This is a moment when it would of been totally fine to play the card , ” Do you know who I am!”



Armistead Banned From Bathroom

By Editors


Tales of the City author Armistead Maupin and his husband, Chris Turner, were denied use of the restroom in a bar in Alice Springs, Australia last week by a staff member who told them the facility was “reserved for real men.”



March 17, 2011

Back to the Furture : Irina Werning ( photographer)

by Accidental Bear

You are in for a real good time. Forget about those iphone apps where you are able to see what you will look old or fat,  (fatter). Hand held to forehead in L formation, Lame. Photographer  Irina Werning has collected a riveting collection of photos of “then” and “now” tender moments. A few of these side by side comparisons left me speechless. Feast your eyes on this.


Irina Werning

MECHI IN 1990 & 2010, Buenos AiresCECILE IN 1987 & 2010, France

All Photographs © Irina Werning


March 17, 2011

Have I been living under a rock or in a K-hole? R.E.M. Videos I’ve Missed

by Accidental Bear

Have I been living under a rock or in a K-hole? How did I miss this amazing song and even better nutty video of R.E.M. I often give Micheal Stipe a hard time and talk about the time we rubbed elbows here in SF at Tranny Shack back in the 90’s and the way he smelled like a homeless guy. I promise not to mention that again. What’s important is his music and his pure, raw entertainment. I love the fact that Stipe does not use bells and whistles in his videos , he keeps it basic and yet BRILLIANT. So, STIPE be as stinky as you wanna be. Just keep filling my ipod with great catchy tunes.



March 17, 2011

Scooter Laforge Pic of Day; Have a nice day with Jesus

by Accidental Bear


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