Complexities of gender; Intersex Babies

by Accidental Bear

This is a tricky one. A decision needs to be made ASAP to the best of the abilities of the doctors when an intersex baby is born. Do you consult the parents? Do run a million tests? The only person you need to consult would be the baby in 15 yrs or so years. Seeing that is impossible, what is the best ethical and moral thing to do? I have no idea.


Who Decides Sex of Intersex Babies?

By Editors


What happens when the doctors performing surgery on a baby born with ambiguous genitals get the child’s sex wrong?

ABC News’s Susan Donaldson James takes a look at intersex babies in the new article, “Boy or Girl and Who Decides?”

The story kicks off with Jim Bruce (pictured), who was born with XY male chromosomes but ambiguous genitals. After his birth in 1976, “Bruce’s external organ and testes were surgically removed and he was raised as a girl.”



One Comment to “Complexities of gender; Intersex Babies”

  1. Waiting for the child to express their gender before any type of surgery (which would better labeled as medical misadventures) is considered, is the best bet! Though that delay will probably cause anguish for the parents and child in the shorterm, it is better than an arbitrary decision to assign gender.

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