Dave Grohl Stands his ground on topic of Glee ( me swoons)

by Accidental Bear

Besides worshipping the ground Dave Grohl walks on I 100% agree with his point of view in this article. Shows like Glee are extended day time talk shows. Good for those trying to create a come back or an artist that is “it” right now with a new record out. Seems like the same topic of a band “selling out”, but in 2011 we have to rename it. Got any ideas?


Dave Grohl slams ‘Glee’ creator




Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl has lashed out at “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy for assuming all musicians are desperate to feature on the hit show.

The rocker isn’t a fan of the high school singing and dancing program and insists he wouldn’t want to follow in the footsteps of Madonna and Britney Spears, who have had their songs used in the series.

And Grohl is fed up with Murphy slamming stars if they decide to not sign up to “Glee.”

He tells the Hollywood Reporter, “You shouldn’t have to do f**king ‘Glee.’ And then the guy who created ‘Glee’ is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his f**king show… I watched 10 minutes (of it). It’s not my thing.

“Slash was the first one. (Murphy) wanted to do Guns N’ Roses, and Slash is like, ‘I hate f**king musicals. It’s worse than Grease’. Then (Murphy’s) like, ‘Well, of course he’d say that. He’s a washed-up ol’ rock star. That’s what they f**king do’.

“And then Kings of Leon say, ‘No, we don’t want to be on your show’. And then he’s like, ‘Snotty little a**holes…’ And it’s just like, ‘Dude, maybe not everyone loves ‘Glee.’ Me included’.”

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/dailydish/detail?entry_id=85332#ixzz1H4RMNwz8


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