Wonderfully Shaped Bikes, Vanhulsteijn

by Accidental Bear

In the rain I like to window shop and by that I mean surf the web. In the rain I like to ride my bike and by that I mean, shop for bikes on line. In the rain I feel creative, and by that I mean Wacky. Check out these wacky shaped bikes. I’ll take mine in orange. Thanks and you’re welcome.


Vanhulsteijn Bicycles

Via Selectism

vanhulsteijn bicycle 1 Vanhulsteijn Bicycles

Strong reactions can yield new businesses. Take Holland’ Vanhulsteijn. Founded seven  years ago as a design studio with the focus on interior design, the firm is now outputting this wonderfully shaped bike. “Herman van Hulsteijn built 2 years ago a prototype of this bike for personal use.” With more and more people asking for their own, Vanhulsteijn is now kicking them out for production. Check those curves. Big fan of the Grand Prix tires as well. Available as a two or three-speed.


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