Juxtapoz Presents: Curtis Kulig ( CUTE BEARD ALERT) |video

by Accidental Bear

After  talking with artists all week it is more than clear that its NOT HIP to be called a street artist anymore. As if it undermines or takes away from street cred, ironic. Curtis Kulig has the simple message LOVE ME . 2 small world can change the world. Curtis also qualifies as todays CRUSH as well. Wink Wink


source www.newyorkartfoundryinc.com/…/ Kulig.html

Curtis Kulig, a New York artist, is most known for the words; “LOVE ME” which he splatters across the city’s sprawl.

Recent exhibitions include works presented at Daniziger Projects (2008 NYC), Subliminal Projects (2008 Los Angeles), Shadows Space (2009 Philadelphia) and This Gallery (2010 Los Angeles), Leo Kesting Gallery (2010) and Stolen Space London (2010).

Curtis  has also been photographing the streets and people   that surround him for several years now in raw black and  white images

Equally comfortable in both the art and commercial worlds, Curtis’ collaborations include projects with fellow artists Shepard Fairey and Skullphone, as well as brands including Volcom, Burton, Nike, DQM, HBO, Converse, Ace Hotels, Altamont, Posterchild, Bobbi Brown, and Paper Magazine. .

Curtis lives and works in New York City



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