Hunters influence Mens Fashion

by Accidental Bear

A secret gap in the rear, makes me think of other things besides fashion. I am liking the use of hunting as an inspiration and that bright neon orange was left out is refreshing. What would I do with the vent flap in the back. Maybe I’ll get a gang of Chihuahuas and them roam back there.


via Selectism

Highland ‘Shotgunner’ Jacket

Selectism - highland-shotgunner-jacket-01

Using hunting as inspiration for jackets is nothing new, but we still like it when it’s done nicely. Other things we like: curved pockets (straight ones are a little hard for things like putting your hands in them) and the back vent, which makes it a solid choice for a spring jacket. Also, who’s the guy in the picture? He should start a blog or something. (Opening Ceremony)


Selectism - highland-shotgunner-jacket-02
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