Japanese brand White Mountaineering Brings It

by Accidental Bear

I have decided that some one needs to fund my wardrobe. Look what I trapped in my radar. This collection is accidentally all my fetishes in one, including tall, lanky bearded nerd model. I want mine to go please. I am soaking in the complex patterns and the hiker gear sensibility. I see myself wearing poncho for movie night in the park. Jaws dropping with envy.


White Mountaineering Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

White Mountaineering Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Japanese brand White Mountaineering presents their new Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. They continue to heavily work with layering and with pattern structure, creating their very own and unique look. The mix of tribal infused knitted pieces and technical jackets keeps being very interesting.

Via houynhmn.
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