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April 3, 2011

Ride a Bike, Be Green and Risk Your Life

by Accidental Bear
Bike Column

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All 12 reasons sound peachy on paper. Here in SF and most cities, getting on a bike you are taking a risk at getting mowed over by some idiot talking on her cell phone in  Lexus (yes, I am a little prejudice to rich folks and women drivers). I for one haven’t been on a bike in SF since my bike was stolen right out from under me while it was being watched by a Russian security guard at 24 Hr Fitness  at Market/ Church. Suspicious for sure.


12 reasons to start using a bicycle for transportation

Economic instability and ever-increasing climate change are just two of the many reasons riding a bike is an excellent alternative to driving.

By Chris BaskindThu, Mar 18 2010 at 10:20 AM EST 107 Comments
Photo: Lighter Footstep
We’re continuing our look at smart ways to start saddling up and using bicycles for real transportation.
We’ve always taken the greenness of bike transport as a given. But if you’re just getting started — or perhaps trying to convince an employer that bicycle commuting is a good thing — we’ve rounded up a dozen reasons to leave that car in the driveway and start covering pavement on two wheels. Let’s ride!

CLICK FOR 12 Reasons Listed by Mother Nature Network

April 3, 2011

New Social Science Textbooks to Include a Study of the Role and Contributions of LGBT Americans

by Accidental Bear


California lawmakers fight over bill to teach students about gay people’s contributions

By Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Sacramento — As the battle over same-sex marriage makes its way through California’s courts, another gay rights fight is smoldering in the Legislature.

Democratic lawmakers have revived a plan to require state schools to teach about the contributions of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans. They are reigniting a movement that halted five years ago when legislators approved such a requirement only to run into opposition from then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now, with a Democrat in the governor’s office, the lawmakers and gay rights activists are more hopeful that school curricula will be revised.


April 3, 2011

Fact: Queers Think Skaters are Hot; Tony Alva Video

by Accidental Bear
Tony Alva, greeting fans and signing.

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Growing up I had a skate board, it was mostly carried.  I enjoyed more my asymetrical hair cut and Chuck Taylors that went along with it. The whole undergorund skater- macho vibe intrigued me and pushed my horny button for lack of better words. Many of my straight male skater mates of that time gave me some restless nights, of no sleep at our drunken- lcd- weed induced black out sleep overs.  Little did  they know the sexual acrobatics that were going on in my head as they snored themselves to sleep to Social Distortion playing on the radio. Tony Alva was a named that rolled off our tongues often. Good to hear he is well and spiritually enlightened.


Vans | Pass The Bucket with Tony Alva

Vans presents Pass the Bucket with Tony Alva. Arguably one of the most influential skaters of all time, Tony shares insight on his long time battle with drugs, alcohol, fame and how he changed direction in his life to help and give back to underprivileged kids.

April 3, 2011

For the Love of Hairy Chest? Famous Skin

by Accidental Bear

Gratuitous Skin. Which Do You Prefer.

Smooth or Hairy



Smooth or HairyP

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April 3, 2011

Are the Stakes to High To Head Up San Francisco Pride? So Sad

by Accidental Bear
A festive float with costumed dancers at San F...

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Don’t start dusting your pride flags and floats just yet. SF stil needs to find out, Who’s the Boss? No one is raising their hand and the room is presently at a stand still.


Does Nobody Want To Head Up San Francisco Pride?

Ever since San Francisco Pride‘s executive director Amy Andre announced she was stepping down in November (amidst a financial scandal where vendors claimed they were stiffed for tens of thousands of dollars), the group responsible for the city’s annual parade festivities has been searching for someone to take over. SF Pride’s board declared a self-imposed deadline for finding a new interim leader by April 1. Well April Fool’s Day came and went, and there’s still nobody running the debt-laden show. How come?

Bay Area Reporter relays:

Board co-chair Alex Randolph said [Thursday], “The logistics of the selection took a little longer than expected” and the board wants to make sure “we have the highest quality candidate who’s a good fit for San Francisco and a good fit for San Francisco Pride.” Randolph (pictured at right) said there hasn’t been a shortage of good candidates, though. “We’re just spending more time with the candidates individually.” He didn’t say how many candidates there are. “Our priority and focus is to have someone selected within the next couple of weeks, definitely before the event,” said Randolph. The Pride celebration is June 25-26.

Read more:


April 3, 2011

All Eyes On: Jonathan Viner “COMPUTER SCIENCE”

by Accidental Bear

Maybe it’s just me and my perversion for all things 70’s, but I get  a feel of sexy Boogie Nights from Viner’s images. My sense of smell kicks in and I also smell polyester. Enjoy. These paintings are a real treat, and keeping with the theme, how about visualizing a fondu plate.

Jonathan Viner

Reception: Wednesday, March 30th, from 6 to 8 pm
Exhibition: March 31 to April 30, 2011

Sloan Fine Art is pleased to present “COMPUTER SCIENCE” by Jonathan Viner.
Shortly after his first son was born, artist Jonathan Viner naturally had fatherhood and his own childhood on his mind. As children, Viner and his twin brother spent hours visiting the robotics lab at the New York Institute of Technology, where their father taught and worked. Faded memories of “computer nerds” playing Dungeons and Dragons, sharing ideas, and celebrating on New Year’s Eve came back to him as the artist shuttled between infant care, painting and conversations with artists, critics and enthusiasts over Facebook.

Inspired by the stunning impact these unlikely heroes from his childhood have had on the world, Viner began hunting online for class photos of computer science majors from the 1970’s. Those old photos, mined through Google on an iPad, became the starting point for “COMPUTER SCIENCE.” Further influenced by great portrait painters from the canon of art history, including Ingres and Currin, Viner set out to recreate these symbolic figures from his youth, infusing them with all of the idiosyncratic humor and thoughtfulness from his memories. Google, Facebook and Apple are blended with hog hair bristle brushes, oils and turpentine. By merging contemporary content and high tech resources with the centuries-old tools and methods of oil painting, Jonathan Viner pays homage to his own father and to the prophets of Computer Science from his childhood who went on to shape the world in which his own son will grow up.

A native New Yorker, Jonathan Viner earned his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. “COMPUTER SCIENCE” is his fourth solo exhibition in New York and second at Sloan Fine Art.

April 3, 2011

My High School Boyfriend Was Gay

by Accidental Bear

There has been a viral (trendy word of the now) blog out there on the internet called, My High School Boyfriend Was Gay. I am not exempt from this title in no way. Below is my very own, my high school boyfriend was gay moment ( although, for the record, we were just good friends). Here I am in in 11th grade escorting  Heather to her senior prom. Aren’t I stunning with my bleach blonde bangs and baby face and a rented tux?

411: My HS Boyfriend Was Gay is a celebration of our most embarrassing, hilarious, tragic, heinous and stylish memories. Ladies, do you have a picture of you and your ex-boyfriend who was obviously gay? Or might as well have been gay? Gays, do you have memorable shots of you posing with your galpal that are just screaming to be submitted? Then do it! Just remember to keep it clean. And fun. MHSBFWG wants your pictures. We want photos of couples where something seems off. Submissions should be from adults 18 and up and should have the consent of both parties pictured. Don’t be a dick and ruin the fun.

Check out all the fun pics!

April 3, 2011

I thought BRAVO Couldn’t Get Any Gayer, WRONG

by Accidental Bear

I was just about to turn off my cable, buy a bumper sticker that says ” Smash Your Television”, and learn how to read,   but now BRAVO has gone and done it. I have no shame about my love for reality TV ( don’t make me call you out about what’s in your closet, ’cause I will). BRAVO has always spit out my favorite shows and they have a new gay gay GAY line up, 11 new shows! What does gay x 11 = ?




Well, now we know whatAndy Cohen‘s been up to. Yesterday, Bravo announced it’s lineup with 11 new shows, includingIt’s a Brad Brad Worldfollowing the too-hot-for-words stylist and one-time Rachel Zoe assistant as he does, uh, Brad things, andInterior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, where theFlipping Outstar actually moves in with his clients. Some of the other notable new shows areMad Fashion(with Chris March from Project Runway),Most Eligible, a reality drama set in Texas, andReady to Wear, which explores the dangerous world of…a high-end NYC consignment store. Fire up those DVRs!

April 3, 2011

Awesome Blog Alert; Men in this Town

by Accidental Bear

Hats off to the amazing header and the un-shy photographer who captures these exotic city dwelling men on the streets.


411: Men In This Town is a street style journal profiling men with a distinct look in their natural habitat. From the various town’s in Sydney or wherever my travels bring me, I am looking to photograph men whose dress sense speaks volumes about who they are, where they’re from and how they see themselves.


If you need to get in touch, drop me a line at

– Giuseppe Santamaria


April 3, 2011

What Gay Clique are you?

by Accidental Bear

I’ve always thought of myself as guy next door-tattooed-skater punk-nerdy-jock type with a splash of art fag. Would that make me teal ?


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