To be Gay and Bald in America

by Accidental Bear

Raise your hand if you like to rub one out, or is that rub one, oh wait, I’m trying to say, rub on a bald head. From my own experience, I know that, each time I have ever cut my hair down to clipper #1 or less, I get twice the amount triple takes and rubbernecking as I strut the city sidewalks. Secondly I get, “Ohh you look mean.” Me, mean? Maybe like a bunny rabbit in a tiger costume. Don’t judge a man by the shine on his head.


We’re gay! We’re bald! Get used to it!

HLDC’s in-depth report on hair loss in the gay community and what it means to be gay and bald in America. Russ Klettke reports.

Being able to look in a mirror and appreciate what we see is important to all of us.  We all want to look and feel as youthful and attractive as we think of ourselves.  But hair and the very common phenomenon of hair loss can provide considerable challenge to that morning mirror experience.

Most of us take our hair for granted and fail to understand just how important it is to our daily lives until we begin losing it.

Members of the gay community are often stereotyped in the media as being fixated on physical appearances, obsessed with looking youthful and stylish.  And without question, many relationships within the gay culture (like the larger culture) are based solely on physical attraction, further driving an obsession for many to stay young and handsome. A full head of hair is more often than not an asset in this regard.

But not always.  In this eight part series, health writer Russ Klettke spent several months investigating how hair loss is perceived, understood and lived in the gay community. There may be a greater focus on appearance among gay men than with their straight counterparts, but hair and hair loss take on more nuance. Gay men have more choices and are not afraid to explore them – and quite often, heterosexuals follow suit.



1. The Gay Aesthetic and Hair Loss

Part 1: Gay Men, Gay Hair … Gay Hair Loss? If you are interested in being referred to a hair loss treatment expert in your area, please complete the form at the end of this article. Gay men have always been thought to care more about their looks than…Full story



4 Comments to “To be Gay and Bald in America”

  1. I think bald guys and guys with thinning hair are HOT! Balding is a sign of masculinity from my perspective.

  2. I have a full head of hear and I am blond, blond … the best type of hair !!! It would be just too sad to loose my hair cuz it does make me look special l cuz is very light blond.
    I think that shaved head men r SEXY and HOT. But who wouldnt like a blond right? We are just everybody’s type 🙂 btw I am 26 yo,

  3. It seems to me a gay man aged 71 –still firefightin,g still working– somewhat of a problem that we require discussions of this nature to give us comfort. Surely we should be comfortable enough as adult men that we do not require anyone elses opinion or approval about being whether being bald, hirsute, moustached, tal,l thin, fat, strong, weak .I think it is mentally healthier to not give a damn and just be who you are.

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