Lets Talk Anal Sex. Are you In?

by Accidental Bear
Male genital anatomy, showing the location of ...

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It is true, gays are not all fudge packers and or the fudge. Although our community is in a constant state of sexual alertness (CODE RED). Whether you agree, or not, I’m right. What makes a man gay? Love getting his ass rammed? Rimmed? Topping? Being pig roasted? Like any other adult topic, it is not black and white, some times it is all brown and messy.


Corvino: Is there one ‘real’ kind of gay sex?

via www.365gay.com

By John Corvinocolumnist, 365gay.com

This column is about anal sex. So if you don’t like reading about such things, stop reading now.

Many years ago I lived next door to a young born-again-Christian rock singer. (He probably would dislike reading about anal sex. Glad you’re still here, though.) While Jason strongly disapproved of my gayness, he was also fascinated by it, and he constantly asked me questions.

One day I revealed to him that I had never had anal sex. His face brightened. “That’s awesome!” he shouted.

“Why, pray tell, is it awesome?” I asked.

“Because maybe you’ll try it, and then realize you don’t like it, and then you won’t be gay.”

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