“Fractal”, An Experimental Short Film; Fractal Swimwear

by Accidental Bear

Walking the fine line between porn and art is my comfort zone. Some how I judge the content I am viewing in terms of, whether or not I would be comfortable having my computer screen open in a cafe. After all my comfort zone is not your comfort zone. I opened the page to ANAL MAGAZINE while sipping an ice coffee at a local coffee shop the other day. I was so enthralled by it’s content that I forgot anyone else existed. When I snapped back to reality, I noticed I had a few pair of stink eyes glaring over my shoulder at the naked men on my screen. No apologies here. I feel like I had just discovered a treasure and quickly bookmarked the page and went on with my day.


“Fractal”, an experimental short film made by the Anal Magazine team and directed by Daniel Castillo Reynoso; all with the support of Atracción Fractal Swimwear. Make sure to turn on your fullscreen mode, we hope you all enjoy it!


Con las actuaciones de / Cast: Karl Forest, Jorge Lozano y Erevank Argel
Dirección / Directed by: Daniel Castillo Reynoso
Producción ejecutiva / Executive Producer: Anal Magazine
Productor asociado / Associate Producer: Mnemosyne
Realizado con el apoyo de / With the support of: Atracción Fractal Swimwear
Idea original / Original Idea: Anal Magazine
Guión adaptado / Adapted Screenplay: Daniel Castillo Reynoso
Productor / Producer: Martín León
Director de fotografía / Cinematographer: Stefania Villarreal
Diseño de producción / Production Design: Ena Lehmann
Sonido y música original / Sound and Original Score: Dino Clover
Edición y posproducción / Editing and Post-production: Daniel Castillo Reynoso


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