George, I Agree,”People aren’t so individual any more”

by Accidental Bear

Boy George is right on the money. This may be a case where, the younger gays won’t understand because they only know the “now”, but being slightly older (coughs), comparing the late 80’s and early 90’s to now, today people are homogenized. We don’t really have any Boy Georges, Cyndi Laupers,Graces Jones etc anymore, although Lady Gaga is laying down a good effort. Decades ago the youth were bursting with self expression, trying to stand out and be abnormal. Nowadays, it’s close to impossible to stick out. Did the essence of individuality peak in the late 80’s?


Boy George: Gay Men Try to Fit In

By Editors


In speaking about the brutal attack of a longtime, and flamboyant, gay friend, Boy George discussed the pressures on gay men to assimilate.

Speaking to The Guardian, George discussed how his friend Philip Sallon, recently attacked in London, was part of the outlandish New Romantic movement in the early 1980s.

“People aren’t so individual any more,” George told the newspaper. “There is this sense of why would you want to stand out and make a show of yourself?” He added: “You can find that sort of attitude in the gay community too. That if you are an exhibitionist you are somehow spoiling the big assimilation. Most gay men go out of their way to look normal and fit in, but Philip is not of that breed.”

George decried recent antigay violence in London, and said the presence of gay people on television doesn’t mean homophobia has gone away.Geao


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