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April 13, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day

by Accidental Bear

April 13, 2011

It’s Almost Like it’s Daring You to Wear It

by Accidental Bear

In order to pull this off, you have to be one in a million and have just the right attitude, and still you’ll most like get chuckles as you walk the streets. So, if you do end up wearing this, make sure you have your guns blazing because you’ll need some armor.


Perks and Mini ‘Connections’ Jumper

Selectism - perks-and-mini-connections-jumper-01

When we see jumpers like this we get all Russell Crowe in Gladiator ‘is this not why you are here?!’. It’s almost like it’s daring you to wear it. Said you liked patterns? well give this a go. It’s fair (and bleedingly obvious) to say that this isn’t one for the wallhuggers. (Wood Wood)

Selectism - perks-and-mini-connections-jumper-02

Selectism - perks-and-mini-connections-jumper-03

April 13, 2011

You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party; Dedication to those Fighting for SF Eagle

by Accidental Bear


SAN FRANCISCOA popular bar in San Francisco is about to change ownership, but patrons at the venerable establishment weren’t taking the move sitting down.

The Eagle Tavern at 12th Street and Harrison is one of the city’s older gay bars and the gay community is furiously rallying to save it. About a hundred supporters gathered on the steps of City Hall on Tuesday afternoon to fight the bar’s closure.

The concern many longtime patrons and employees at the bar have is that when it reopens under new ownership, the bar won’t cater to the gay community.

One patron said the bar has provided a safe haven for him.

“The Eagle is what kept me alive,” said Glendon Hyde. “In my teens, I tried to commit suicide twice being from a Christian family.”


Eagle Dedication: You Gotta Fight!!

April 13, 2011

My Chat with Cazwell is a Hot Potato; Interview

by Accidental Bear

My interview with Cazwell is like a hot potato- I cannot hold it any longer. This shit is too good. We touched base on his upcoming album, collaboration with Peaches, Amanda Lepore and his dad’s love of air instruments. You will be proud of me , I held back from any skin flute jokes. The interview was via the telephone. As we exchanged words, I could hear, in the background, New York City breathing; car alarms and the hustle and bustle of the side walks. Our conversation had a relaxed vibe of 2 friends on a walk through the city, gossiping and talking about life, the good , the bad and the ugly. I did my usual, talked Cazwell’s ear off until his phone battery went dead. Here is how things went down.

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