It’s Almost Like it’s Daring You to Wear It

by Accidental Bear

In order to pull this off, you have to be one in a million and have just the right attitude, and still you’ll most like get chuckles as you walk the streets. So, if you do end up wearing this, make sure you have your guns blazing because you’ll need some armor.


Perks and Mini ‘Connections’ Jumper

Selectism - perks-and-mini-connections-jumper-01

When we see jumpers like this we get all Russell Crowe in Gladiator ‘is this not why you are here?!’. It’s almost like it’s daring you to wear it. Said you liked patterns? well give this a go. It’s fair (and bleedingly obvious) to say that this isn’t one for the wallhuggers. (Wood Wood)

Selectism - perks-and-mini-connections-jumper-02

Selectism - perks-and-mini-connections-jumper-03

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