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April 15, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day; Handstand

by Accidental Bear

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April 15, 2011

Bryan Nash Gill Relief Prints; Raw Beauty

by Accidental Bear

How much could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? It takes a lot to excite me these days. Something fresh, something new, a marriage of wood and ink, beautifully bonded.



bryan 3 Bryan Nash Gill Relief Prints

bryan 5 Bryan Nash Gill Relief Prints

I am extremely excited to welcome Bryan Nash Gill and to announce that we are offering his work at Ashes & Milk. As a lover of natural textures and literal translations of beauty, I am completely embraced by the above print. Through relief printing and a laborious rubbing technique Byran created the above piece Hemlock 82 (Bryan literally scratched his fingernails over every surface of the tree). At the grand size of 52″ long x 38.5″ wide the actual diameter, texture and pattern of this tree section is gorgeously translated onto paper.

bryan blog 11 Bryan Nash Gill Relief Prints
Ink is rolled out and a piece of handcrafted washi paper is placed over the print block. Pressing little by little with his fingertips, Bryan imprints the texture of the wood on the surface of the paper. I love the idea that Bryan had to literally touch each tree-growth-ring in order to deposit its mark.

Bryan Nash Gill created Hemlock 82 exclusively for Ashes & Milk.

[ You can see more here]

April 15, 2011

Easter & Hunky Jesus in Dolores Park is Where it’s at, No Really it’s where it’s at!

by Accidental Bear

There is one event that I attend religiously (In a non religious way) every year and thats Easter in Dolores Park. We pray to mother nature for sun and all else fall into place effortlessly. Straights, gays, trans, bi’s, dogs all spread their picnic blankets out into one mass of color. On stage this year will be a plethora of entertainment, my eyes will be be on the look out for Ejector to hit the stage. Then one by one, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will call to stage contestants in the Hunky Jesus contest. This is taken seriously, I believe last year someone had a real live donkey as a prop. Not to be missed. * * * On a side note, like any other event of this sort, there is a lot of sloppy drinking going on. On a positive this sloppiness usually produces some random full frontal nudity. Be camera ready. * * *


Easter Sunday, April 24th, 2011 from Noon to 4PM. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. present HARE: Old Habits Die Hard! Celebrate 32 Years of Perpetual Indulgence with Performances by Penetrating the Veil, Planet Booty, The Thrillpeddlers, Ejector and Boylesque.
Children’s Easter Egg Hunt and Games 11am to Noon.
Easter Bonnet Contest 1:30pm, Hunky Jesus Contest 3:30pm.

April 15, 2011

Witty and Powerful Way of Objecting to Prejudice”; A Kiss-in

by Accidental Bear

Bring your Suzie chap stick or watermelon lip gloss and breath freshener, ’cause it’s going to be a good old fashion kiss-in, with a modern twist of same sex kissers. Shame on you London, I thought you were better than that.


Kiss-In Planned to Protest London Pub

By Editors

JohnSnowPubx390 (UCLA) |

Gay rights activists in London plan to hold a kiss-in for at least three hours on Friday to protest the Soho pub that ejected two men for kissing.

According to the London Evening Standard, the demonstration at the John Snow pub has the support of gay Tory MP Alan Duncan, who called the event a “witty and powerful way of objecting to prejudice.”

Jonathan Williams and James Bull, who were on their first date, said they were asked to leave the pub, owned by the Samuel Smith Old Brewery on Broadwick Street in the gay-friendly neighborhood, on Wednesday after the landlady called them “obscene” for kissing on the mouth. A man in the pub had complained about them.

April 15, 2011

Gay Pornology; From Andy Warhol to X-Tube

by Accidental Bear

Staples of life; food, air, water, coffee, cotton candy and PORN. My coffee table is getting full.


The sumptuous, 260-page potpourri of hot photos and concisely presented history Porn from Andy Warhol to X-Tube (Bruno Gmuender, hardcover, $69.99) is both a celebration and a funeral. Its author tells us what there is to know about the development of the art, and then lets current filmmakers and producers tell us the state of the art. It’s not a rosy prognosis that they offer, most likely because it impacts their income. When asked, Where’s porn headed? they answer, It’s headed toward extinction. But that’s only in the current format of delivery. “DVDs are dead,” says one industry maven. “The Web is where things are happening.”

This lively chronicle is aptly subtitled A Photographic Journey, and it is more scrapbook than schoolbook. The photos are copious in amount and glamorously reproduced in large size on heavyweight stock. Author Kevin Clarke’s essay perceptively traces the origins of gay American erotica from an initial acceptance generated by the pop-porn of Warhol and the art-porn of Kenneth Anger, to the hardcore porn that flowered in their wake. Clarke is a 44-year-old German musicologist, whose specialty is operetta. Showtunes and porn? Most gay men don’t find them strange bedfellows at all. Clarke’s several books on operetta (unfortunately not translated from German) have looked at the form’s intersection with gay sexuality. A paper Clarke presented in 2009, “The Pornography of Operetta,” kicked off his interest in the general history of gay porn.

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