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April 18, 2011

Nikka Costa is writing for Adam Lambert (via

by Accidental Bear

Words colliding. I want so badly to not like Adam Lambert, but I don’t ! Shhhh it’s a secret!


Nikka Costa is writing for Adam Lambert Adam Lambert is writing with one of our favorites of all time – Nikka Costa. We can't wait for this collaboration, because Nikka Costa is one of the most underrated talents of our time. Check her catalogue and you will understand. … Read More


April 18, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day: Poor Kitty

by Accidental Bear

(via thisbearwantsmorehair)

April 18, 2011

Your Sexual Identity is Screwing up the Census √

by Accidental Bear
Kinsey interviewing a woman.

Image via Wikipedia

OMG, alert the troops there are some unidentified gays out there! The days of checking either male or female boxes on applications are over and quite frankly over simplified. I mean some days I wake up, with morning wood and feel all testosterone filled, all male. Other days I wake up, feeling overly sensitive scarf down my parfait from Starbucks while sipping on my decaf soy late and feel, all female. So, I guess it all depends on the day what box you claim as yours. Or we could just go the old fashion science route in determining our correct box √


Reliable Tally of Gay Population Proves Elusive


How many gay, lesbian and bisexual people are there in the U.S.?

Until recently, little data existed to accurately answer that question, giving extended life to the claim attributed to Alfred Kinsey‘s work more than six decades ago that one in 10 adults is gay or bisexual. But that estimate has long been questioned by researchers for, among other things, being based heavily on interviews with prison inmates.

In recent years more surveys have included questions about sexual behavior and identity, giving researchers a better shot at making an estimate. They also have learned how difficult it can be to define homosexuality, and to determine to what extent survey answers are affected by the way the questions are asked. READ MORE

April 18, 2011

Bye-Bye, We Will Miss you

by Accidental Bear

I was just logging on to one of my queer blog staples who had been “off line” for a week fixing emergency repairs, but they have shut their doors, closed up shop and gone. I’m dying to know why. My second favorite queer blog Towleroad, now my number 1, dives in for a closer look. On an up note, on the gay blog food chain, maybe Accidental Bear moves up a notch?




Following nearly a week in which LGBT blog Queerty was offline, its management has called it quits:

“After more than five years of serving the LGBT community with news and entertainment, Queerty has come to a close. The decision to shutter the site was not an easy one to make, and it is with great pain that we say goodbye to our loyal readership. From all of Queerty’s writers and contributors, from our first unto our last day, thank you for spending some time with us.”

In an email sent out yesterday by its owner David Hauslaib, some explanation was given for the shutdown:

As many of you know, last year Queerty partnered with the folks at 353Media to handle its operations. I transitioned out of my original role to make time to tackle some unrelated projects, and a trusted crew took the reins. Sadly last week, in a scenario that began with some technical headaches, has ended with 353 opting not to continue operating the site. It is a decision I was saddened to hear, and I worked to find an amenable solution that would keep Queerty online. That effort was unsuccessful.

I have watched web properties that I launched come to an close before, but Queerty’s end is certainly one of the hardest to see.

Queerty had cited “technical emergencies” for most of last week while publishing only a Twitter feed.

As someone familiar with both the satisfactions and the challenges that come with keeping up a day-to-day news blog, I can sympathize with the difficulties of letting go. We wish David and his team the best in their new endeavors.

Read more:

April 18, 2011

Food Art; Bompas and Parr Make Jelly Cathedral

by Accidental Bear
Bompas & Parr

Image by Nick Atkins Photography via Flickr

Video | Bompas and Parr: Return of the Jelly Knights

Check out awesome video of these two handsome lads making Jelly art. CLICK
April 18, 2011

Fancy Camo; Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Quilted Jacket

by Accidental Bear

Americans picking up a trend that is on its last leg in the UK. It’s ok USA, we know we are not the sharpest tool in the shed.


Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Quilted Jacket

Selectism - bedwin-heartbreakers-quilted-jacket-01

Here’s a quilted jacket the Wu would approve of. The quilted jacket is nearing the end of it’s trend lifespan (in the UK at least, it’s just about starting in the US) which means designers are going a bit crazy with the patterns. While there’s obviously a lot that can go wrong with this turn, there’s a lot that can work as well. Like this Bedwin jacket for instance. We can dig it. Can you? (Garbstore)

Selectism - bedwin-heartbreakers-quilted-jacket-02

Selectism - bedwin-heartbreakers-quilted-jacket-03

April 18, 2011

Scott Wiener (one of our own), Set to Fix the Metropolitan Transportation Commission

by Accidental Bear

Scott, the only thing I ask of you is to have 24/7 “Crazy Patrol” on all trains. How many times have you had to politely ignore crazy-aggressive-loud-rants or share a seat with a belligerent drunk homeless person? Muni may push you to your tolerance level. I am surprised more people don’t lose it on busy afterwork commutes and brawl.


Supervisors Scott Wiener and David Campos Set to Serve on MTC

Wiener says funding for Muni will be a priority

Source: The Bay Citizen

Scott Wiener mtc

Dennis Hearne Photography, courtesy SF Streetsblog Scott Wiener

For the last 16 years, Jon Rubin has served as the Mayor’s appointee on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Bay Area’s regional transportation planning and funding body, originally appointed by Frank Jordan in 1995. Last week, Rubin was forced to resign and turn over the seat to Supervisor Scott Wiener, whose four-year term begins May 1.

While it’s true the Mayor was looking to strike a compromise because the Board of Supervisors was deadlocked over its appointment between Wiener and Supervisor David Campos, as reported by the Chronicle, sources told Streetsblog that a behind-the-scenes effort has been underway for some time to get Rubin replaced. Some advocates and City Hall insiders who didn’t want to be identified said they were disappointed with Rubin’s record on the commission, and felt he hasn’t been aggressive enough on San Francisco’s behalf.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Source: The Bay Citizen (

April 18, 2011

Antigay Mob Attack Caught on Video

by Accidental Bear

What a bunch of punk ass bitches. Things like this make my blood boil. Each and every one of those involved, one kick, one punch, in this attacked should be be put to death! I don’t want to hear any arguments about, young misguided youth. I am a a strong believer in stronger punishments for hate crimes and bringing back , an eye for an eye.


By Editors

SCAttackx390 (Screengrab) |

Video evidence shows that Joshua Esskew was attacked by a mob of at least eight young men earlier this month in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The Herald reports on the attack that took place early April 9 at a convenience store just outside city limits. Esskew, 19, and his friend Da-Neshia Reid had stopped for a soda on the way home.

When Esskew entered the store, one of several young men called him a gay slur. Surveillance video shows him being hit in the head with a bottle, possibly from a 40-ounce beer, and then starting to fight back. READ MORE

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