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April 19, 2011

Moment of, “OMG My Acid Just Kicked In!”; Fear the Beard Wilson Performs with Internet star Keenan Cahill

by Accidental Bear


April 19, 2011

Spring Want list: Alpha Industries Outerwear

by Accidental Bear

I do not own one winter coat, but as a “real” informed SF resident, I layer. I am up to 14 wind breakers (get off my back, I can’t feed the world with my coats alone) that work as an out layer to fight the elements of rain and wind. As I look at the 2 coats featured below, my favorite color grey, is a clear stand out. Or shall we call it silver or gun-metal?


Alpha Industries Spring Outerwear

selectism - Alpha Industries Spring Outerwear

The Spring collection from Alpha Industries features a strong selection of military classics. There are a light weight versions of the classic M-1 and  the timeless bomber jacket. The H20 Trench not only protects against April showers, it folds into a bag as well! For those with a rip-stop fetish, the Brigadier offers a fresh take on the most basic of military silhouettes, with patch packets, epaulets and a stand up collar.

April 19, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day: via The Smoking Gun Mug Shots

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April 19, 2011

A Shot Out to Robin Williams Beard

by Accidental Bear

Today, NY Magazine reports that “comedian Robin Williams told the story of how he recently became one of many NYC cyclists stopped by police for riding on the sidewalk.” Luckily, be it through the magic of the beard or his celeb status, he was let go with a simple warning.

(Photo creditJim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images)

You can catch Robin Williams’ beard in action during this recent interview on The View.

April 19, 2011

Accidental Bear Celebrity Dustin Diamond

by Accidental Bear

Dustin Neil Diamond (born January 7, 1977)[1] is an American actormusician, director, and stand-up comedian best known for his role as Samuel “Screech” Powers in the television showsSaved by the BellGood Morning, Miss BlissSaved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class and newest member of Accidental Bear Celebrity list.

I have still never seen this infamous sex tape of Dustin. But I’m totlly openign to a viewing. Hook a brother up.

April 19, 2011

Belinda Carlisle’s Gay Son Starts The Trailblazer Campaign

by Accidental Bear

It seems as though kids are getting smarter these days (street smart) and adults  are being left in the dust, to carry out their traditional, out dated attitudes and view of the world. Belinda Carlisle has passed on her stunning looks and brain power to her gay son, who is turning his celebrity up bringing into a mission. Watch his video and his charming, thought out, “speech” to the world about the change Hollywood needs to make.


via Towleroad

James Duke Mason (he goes by Duke) checked in with me earlier today to tell me about a new campaign he’s starting. I’ll let him share:

It’s similar to the It Gets Better Project except that ‘Trailblazer’ focuses exclusively on openly gay celebrities. Its goal is essentially to help create a more accepting environment for openly gay entertainers in Hollywood so that eventually we might have our very own ‘Sidney Poitier‘, our own trailblazer who breaks the barrier for LGBT people.

You may recall that Duke is the son of Belinda Carlisle, whose video in support of him and marriage equality I posted back during the anti-gay Maine campaign.

Duke says he has commitments from Chad Allen, David Moretti, Perez Hilton, and Mike Manning to create videos for the campaign, and talks about it in a clip to posted to his YouTube account.

Read more:

April 19, 2011

All Eyes On Tony Orrico’s Drawing Performance.

by Accidental Bear

I get a Jackass the movie mixed with genius artist feeling. An art hybrid. We have all thrown ourselves to the grown in a pouting fit when we didn’t the biggest piece of cake, or something like that. Imagine if, in the moment of rage, we put pencils and paints in our hands and made pretty things. Tony Orrico has mastered this and give us fantastic art and performance. Watching him, I fill a bit like I am intruding on a private moment as he tosses himself onto the floor in an epileptic dance, armed with drawing utensils.


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April 19, 2011

Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

by Accidental Bear

I am at the age where I am seeing fashions come around for the second time. There was a moment in high school where I was saving my allowance for a pair of 20 hole black Dr Marten boots. Now the hipster kids have brought them back as  retro 90’s attire. Dr. Martens is producing men and women’s clothing in response. I like.


Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

via Selectism 

Dazed delivers a look at the Spring/Summer Dr. Martens fashion collection. “Designed to complement Dr. Martens’ iconic look, the new clothing line for fans of their signature boots and shoes retains their unique silhouettes and distinct contemporary style. Inspired by Dr. Martens’ extensive footwear heritage and focusing on the ideals of British workwear, Dr. Martens’ first line for S/S11 features both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories such as chambray and gingham shirts”

April 19, 2011

Out Athlete & Coach Help Campus Diversity

by Accidental Bear

I am an Athletic Supporter, Spread the Word


By Michelle Garcia @

Colin Joyner X390 (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COM
Bowdoin College tennis coach Colin Joyner

A group at Bowdoin College in Maine is making headway in helping student athletes feel like part of a community when they decide it’s time to come out.

Men’s tennis coach Colin Joyner said that when he was a student at Bowdoin (he graduated in 2003), he felt somewhat isolated after he gradually came out. He left to play semipro tennis, but when he returned to campus as a coach, he went back into the closet, which also proved to be difficult, so he came out to his team in 2009.


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