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April 21, 2011

Watch a Teaser for Whisker Wars, the Competitive Beard-Grooming Show

by Accidental Bear

Watch a Teaser for Whisker Wars, the Competitive Beard-Grooming Show.
Much, much more hairy details to come!!!

April 21, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day: Up Close

by Accidental Bear

Source: tomdickandhairy

April 21, 2011

All Eyes On Wolfram (Scruff Alert)

by Accidental Bear

Out Mag tip off

Wolfram is an adorably scruffy (he’s got a bit of a teen wolf thing going on) Austrian musician and producer (he served as executive producer on the killer Sally Shapiro album Disco Romance) whose self-titled debut album, as collobarator Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair fame puts it, “intelligently and lovingly sings the praises of the significant contributions that the euro sound from those early days of electronic music dance has made on pop music.”

Wolfram recently dropped the Out studio to chat about his new album — featuring collaborations with the aforementioned Butler, Shapiro, Paul Parker, and Haddaway of “What is Love” fame — his influences, which definitely include ’90s euro but definitely do not include La Bouche, and working with the infamously shy Shapiro:

Wolfram’s self-titled debut is in stores now and available for download from iTunes. For more info on the musician,visit his official website and follow him on Twitter.


April 21, 2011

Name Embroidered Shirt; Going, Going, Gone

by Accidental Bear

Don’t blink, because this will only be cool for a hot second and then be on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters in no time.


via Selectism

Selectism - name-embroidered-shirt-01

We shouldn’t like this, but we do. A gingham shirt with geometric embroidery across the shoulders doesn’t sound great on paper, but we like the results. It’s like something your gran would knit for you – if your gran was a fashion designer. (LN-CC)

Selectism - name-embroidered-shirt-02

Selectism - name-embroidered-shirt-03

April 21, 2011

My Acid Just Kicked in; Weird Al Does Gaga

by Accidental Bear
Weird Al is one of my guilty pleasure. I bounce back and forth between wanting to kick his ass and laughing. My all time favorite parody of his would be Eat it, having fun of Michael Jackson’s Beat it. There is no stopping this speeding geek train named Werid Al.

“Weird Al” Goes Gaga

Some of the lyrics include:

“I’m sure my critics will say it’s a grotesque display
Well, they can bite me, baby — I perform this way
I might be wearin’ Swiss cheese or maybe covered with bees
It doesn’t mean I’m crazy — I perform this way”

By Michelle Garcia

Comedic singer/songwriter “Weird Al” Yankovic will release a single and music video based on Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” after initial reports that Gaga rejected a request from Yankovic to parody her song.

Yankovic’s made a name for himself after releasing songs and music videos parodying Queen, Michael Jackson, and Madonna in the 1980’s. For his next album, slated for release this summer, Yankovic planned to release a single and music video based on Gaga’s “Born This Way” titled, “Perform This Way.” The song is a take on her ostentatious presence and outlandish style, on and off stage.


April 21, 2011

Transgender MTV Character Boycotted

by Accidental Bear

I sometimes can’t come up with grown up things to say. To The Florida Family Association , “Fuck You!


Antigay Group Boycotts Transgender MTV Character

The Florida Family Association wants advertisers to boycott Degrassi: The Next Generation on MTV over its positive portrayal of a young transgender man.

By Editors


The Florida Family Association wants advertisers to boycott theDegrassi: The Next Generation series on MTV because the program delivers a positive portrayal of a young transgender man.

Joe.My.God. reports on the boycott of the series, which airs on MTV’s Teen Nick channel. FFA chairman David Caton made his argument in the following letter to advertisers.

April 21, 2011

Pump Your Breaks, New AbFab Confirmed

by Accidental Bear

These drunken, sloppy dames are going to be thrilling audiences for another round. I resisted at first the peer pressure to love AbFab. But falling in love with the cruel ways in which they treat each other made me a believer. ( Hands raised in the air, AMEN!)


New Episodes of AbFab Confirmed

By Editors


Filming of new episodes of the British cult hitAbsolutely Fabulous has been confirmed by one of the stars, Joanna Lumley, according toThe Guardian.

Lumley will again play Patsy Stone opposite Jennifer Saunders as Edina Monsoon in the enduring comedy series, with three new episodes scheduled to being shooting this summer. Lumley ignited speculation about a new season last year, when she told a reporter that Saunders had written her about relaunching the series.

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