Elton and David Go Shirtless for Sons Birth

by Accidental Bear

I know, I know, I get it, skin to skin contact, but I am getting the most hilarious image in my head of a screaming bloody new born baby and a shirtless Elton John and Husband crying, and their man boobs covered in baby blood, chewing the babies umbilical cord in half. Sometimes your imagination is all you got.


Elton and David’s Daddy Details

By Advocate.com Editors


Elton John and David Furnish will reveal many details about the gestation, delivery, and first few months of life of their son, Zachary, on ABC’s 20/20Friday night.
John reveals that the two took their shirts off during the delivery and placed the newborn Zachary, born December 25, on their chests, according to People. 

“They call it skin-to-skin bonding because it’s such a traumatic thing for a baby to come into the world,” Furnish told Barbara Walters.

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