I love all Things Taschen Touches (Books)

by Accidental Bear

It’s not to early to start making your 2011 Christmas list. Taschen has a way of making all subjects a visual orgasm. You may have seen one of the most popular books titled Big Penis Book. Perhaps looked at it from across the room with longing, coming hither fuck me eyes? This newest book on photographers is a must see. The thing about Taschen‘s books is that a lot of them are limited edition and then disappear. One day i will have them all (wicked evil laugh).


“Photographers A-Z” Book

“Photographers A-Z” Book

Curated points us at this photography tome from Taschen. “Photographers A-Z “Photographers A Z” Bookfunctions as a complete compendium of important photographers of the 20th-century. Included are masters with works hanging in museum collections, as well as the finest in “applied” – fashion, etc. – areas. As you might imagine, the names come in alphabetical order, a brief biographical sketch complementing a series of photographs from each artist.”

Available from Amazon “Photographers A Z” Book.

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