Streetwise Electronics and Pure Pop; Microfilm

by Accidental Bear


  Marriage of minimal techno, synth-pop nostalgia and cinematic samples…

Microfilm was birthed in early 2006 in Chicago when the duo of Matthew Mercer and Matt Keppel aimed to create a perfect blend of streetwise electronics and pure pop. Within their first six months of existence, Microfilm had appeared on BBC’s premier Radio 1 network, remixed Ladytron, and written and recorded their debut album. Released on double CD in 2007,After Dark and its companion remix album Blueprints set the stage with a mix of stripped-down electrohouse and hook-laden pop songs. READ MORE

I Am Curious (Microfilm)

I Am Curious (Microfilm)
Collected 2006-2010

This release presents singles, cover versions, b-sides and deleted tracks from our catalogue, all compiled in one place for both fans and new listeners alike.

1. Young Adult Fiction (Brothers Grime Mix)
2. Chicago
3. Ralf & Florian
4. Free
5. Teenage Symphonies (Video Edit)
6. Ciccone
7. Black Eyes On White Boys
8. International Velvet
9. BFF
10. I’ll Sing Like Billy MacKenzie In Heaven
11. Nothing Can Stop Us
12. Body Language

Get it online: iTunes | Amazon | Emusic

I Am Rewired (Microfilm)

I Am Rewired (Microfilm)
Remixes 2006-2010

This release collects deleted and exclusive remixes of tracks from our repertoire and runs the gamut from scorching electro-house to full-on hi-NRG throwbacks.

1. Am I Ever Gonna Fall Apart In NYC? (Astrolabe’s Breakdown Remix)
2. Young Adult Fiction (Arthur Rimbaud Mix)
3. After Dark (OCD Soundsystem Mix)
4. Disco Demolition Derby (Party Slippers Mix)
5. Teenage Symphonies (Little Darlings Mix)
6. Hospitalized For Exhaustion (Kid Whatever Club Mix)
7. After Dark (White Limousine Mix)
8. Teenage Symphonies (Astrolabe Remix)
9. International Velvet (AngelTheory Remix)
10. Young Adult Fiction (Marcel Proust Mix)
11. After Dark (Area Cloudburst Mix)
12. Teenage Symphonies (Olivia Hussey’s Reprise)

Get it online: iTunes | Amazon | Emusic

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