Straight For Pay Actors Act Out Straight Stereotypes

by Accidental Bear

I mean, how hard could it be unless you are born with a gigantic lisp and a runway walk? Some of my guy hetero friends are the most “gay acting” people I know. So, for a gay actor to play “straight” he is stuck having to cater to macho, masculine stereotypes to pass I guess. As far as straight men playing gay, I am usually insulted beyond belief. Someone please tell Hollywood that gay guys don’t all act the same and you can’t always tell just by looking at one (looks around the room awkward).


‘I’m Not a Hetero, But I Play One On TV’: 12 Gay Actors Who Took on Straight Roles – and Proved the Naysayers Wrong”
Posted by Chris Eggertsen @
hough openly-gay Newsweek journalist Ramin Setoodeh’s infamous 2010 article “Straight Jacket” was certainly a misguided piece of criticism, it unfortunately brought to light an all-too-common misconception held by both Hollywood decision makers and members of the public at large – that gay actors are incapable of adequately portraying straight characters on-screen.

History, of course, shows that ludicrous assertion to be entirely false – particularly considering the number of closeted gay actors from earlier eras who vaulted to stardom specifically because they were able to convincingly portray straight romantic leads. READ MORE

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