Furni Black “Rockassins” Comfort Over Style

by Accidental Bear

Help! I really am interested in these. It may be a case of giving in to comfort over fashion (although these are quite cute in a probably wouldn’t leave the house in them way, but I wear them all the time at home). Shush, it’s old age.


via Selectism

Furni Black “Rockassins”
On May 9, 2011 Furni will release the second round of their “Rockassin.”

Here’s what the French Canadian blokes have to say, “It’s time to “rock the moc”. We’ve teamed up with a family owned business with almost 40 years of experience making snowshoes, moccasins and other Indian handcrafts here in Canada to offer you these beauties. These crepe soled ankle high moccasins are made from supple “black”leather. Each pair will be skillfully crafted by hand to order in small batches less than 250kms from our Montreal workshop.”

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