Born this Way Movement (√ I like)

by Accidental Bear
IMG_0551 "Lady GaGa"

Image by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flickr

I love when it’s reinforced, that indeed, I do have a heart. I just got goose bumps watching this 11 yr young man sing his heart out in the safety of an accepting audience. When Gaga came out with her “Born this Way” song, naysayers were out with there picket signs and bitter words before the record was out for an hour (myself included). I am realizing now, the movement that is happening behind the song. Whether you like Gaga or not doesn’t matter. It is one thing to be told as a queer youth that it is OK to be gay/bi/trans, but giving a creative platform, a stage, gives those words power. Gaga is out there being proactive and creating change. What are you doing? So, turn down your quick-to-judge-toxic-people-reader-meter and embrace the Born this Way movement. √ i like

Don’t Hate, Congratulate

Jeffrey Sewell singing Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” at Joe’s PubWith Trapper Felides and company: Our Hit Parade in NYC April 27, 2011

2 Comments to “Born this Way Movement (√ I like)”

  1. Totally agree, i didn’t realized it either. Great blog!

  2. I am so fast at judging and then lately I keep seeing all these videos of these young gay kids singing there little hearts of as if it’s there turning point in life. Very sweet! Born this Way should be honored for what it is!!

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