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May 3, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day; Tiger Kick

by Accidental Bear

May 3, 2011

Remake of Tyra’s Freak out on ANTM Video

by Accidental Bear

For those America’s Next Top Model fans out there and the closeted ones too (yeah you sucka), you may remember her famous freak out on a contestant. Here is a remake uploaded to Youtube today. Lastly I want to confess in public that I think Tyra Banks is an alien. Make sure when you watch this is are sitting on an absorbent material in case you piss yourself.


Ryan and Jeff act out their favorite scene from ‘America’s Next Top Model’

May 3, 2011

Sruli Recht – Reykjavik Fashion Festival

by Accidental Bear

Sruli Recht is an award-winning Designer, (Born 1979 in JerusalemIsrael). He is a citizen of Australia and is currently based in ReykjavikIceland. Recht studied Fashion Design at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia, the city where he spent the majority of his life. His career began primarily in Fashion where he rapidly developed a unique style of experimental couture clothing influenced by Futurism, Cyberpunk, Russian Constructivism, Industrial design and Science-Fiction writing – particularly the work of Philip K. Dick and Bruce Sterling. Recht’s innovative approaches to materials and new technologies, particularly in recent years, have led to products including ~Elt – the first buckle-less water-cut leather belt, and a portable flat pack cardboard Cutting Table. Recht’s work is also considered by many to be controversial due in no small part to products such as theatrical garments made of Seal fur, Arctic Fox, and Minke Whale Skin.

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Sruli Recht

May 3, 2011

Ferrell and Reilly, Gay-Straight Alliance or Comedians?

by Accidental Bear

Love it. Fight homophobia with humor. Chip at at it little by little, kiss by fake kiss, but put it in people’s faces, because we (queers) aren’t going anywhere.- AB


Ferrell and Reilly Smooch for the Lakers

By Editors

Will Ferrell (L) and John C. Reilly X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COM

Courtside seats at Los Angeles Lakers games are always sure to be filled by notable faces, including two well-known funnymen who couldn’t help but lock lips when the kiss cam was pointed at them.

During a break in the game, the kiss cam landed on Stepbrothers costars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. After brief consideration, Ferrell and Reilly gave each other a quick smooch.

May 3, 2011

Accidental Bear Interrogates Bruce LaBruce; “Hollywood is Dead.” (Q & A)

by Accidental Bear

photo by Maxime Ballesteros

It is rare that you get to chat with someone you consider a legend and has influenced your life. Well slap my ass and call me Judy, I just did. Bruce LaBruce is brilliantly off key and sharp. Bruce’s film No Skin Off my Ass  skated me through a blurry time in my life by inspiring  me with  images of homocore-queer-skinheads and exposing me to a side of gay culture I could honestly relate to other than Jack Tripper from Threes Company. There is nothing cookie cutter about Bruce and he has kept true to the integrity of his art. I imagine Bruce like myself would find beauty in a mud puddle in a dirty parking lot. That takes an untrained eye and nothing thousands of dollars of art school can teach you. My interview with Bruce is direct and to the point, no fluff. I suggest you draw yourself and bath, get a little tipsy, do some poppers and slip into the water and enjoy our chat. What happens below the water is your own business.

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