All Eyes on A Bear Knows Photos Brendan McWeeney

by Accidental Bear
I spotted Brendan McWeeney bounding over chairs and crawling to the floor to capture the best moments of Bob Mould’s performance at Swedish Music Hall on Market Street, SF. Later to find to out that I have admired his photographs before as they appeared on friends of a friend of a friend of a friends Facebook page, you get it. Who needs the CIA anymore I tracked him down via the internet and pleased to find a sweet collection of his work ranging from architecture, landscapes, sports, travel and live music.  I personally feel like he rocks, no  pun intended, at grabbing just the right moments at live music shows and the results are evident.

I asked him what his dream gig would be. Brendan say’s  “As far as a dream gig goes. I’m not 100% sure what that would be. This year it’s to shoot a large festival, I don’t know what my goal will be next year. Ultimately the goal is to be published in a national news outlet, either some big rock or hip hop or general music magazine or blog. I know that’s a ways off though.” I say dream big, big boy (FYI, Brendan is a big hunk of burning Ginger love = side note). I have been around the block enough to notice when a photographer has an eye for “the”  shot, and Brendan is a natural. Looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future. Become a fan of his on Facebook and keep up on his current projects and be sure to √ i like. From Brendan to you, Bear hugs!

Take a peek at the goods.


My passion for photography began in high school. It is there I learned how to shoot and develop b&w film. It is also where I learned to truly “make” a photograph. To this day, I get a rush from freezing a moment in time and sharing my view of the world with others.

My 13 year career in Visual Design has honed my eye for composition, as well as capturing the personality of a subject and conveying the emotion of a scene.

As a photographer I am as comfortable in the field as I am in my studio. I have the experience and approachable professionalism that enable me to capture just the right images for myself and my clients

Check out his dynamic work out at Bears Know Photos

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