Rude Leather Gay, Bullies Dad and his 10 yr old

by Accidental Bear

When does someones personal freedom and amendment rights cross the line of common decency? This is not a gay or straight issues but I know for a fact that many gay men in SF feel as if certain moral or ethical rules do not apply to them because this is “their gay” town. I think it just boils down to the leather queen being tacky and rude by the sounds of it. I’m curious how  this will all unfold. – AB


Condo Owner’s Leather Sex Dilemma

By Editors


A new condo owner in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco is in a bind — he sunk all of his money into a place for himself and his 10-year-old son. But when he went to remove the carpeting, his downstairs neighbor informed him that he enjoys “leather sex” and that it would be audible in the upstairs bedrooms without an effective sound barrier.

“He’s entitled to his life,” Jack Hagerty told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I just wish he’d told me sooner.” READ MORE

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