The Man Behind Talks with Accidental Bear & Things get Steamy

by Accidental Bear

In the adult entertainment industry the term “straight” on the gay side of the road is a hot commodity. There is much skepticism because these so-called straight actors are filmed getting gang-banged on site after site showing up on Sean Cody and other such sites with “first time”, “straight seduced”, “broke str8 guy” tags. I understand this is an illusion, but as with The Wizard of Oz, there is always a man behind the curtain. Do I have a story for you. Jeff, the hunk from (drum roll please) is actually STRAIGHT. He’s more like the guy next door that you’d bring home to meet mom and he fulfills all your straight guy voyeur fantasies. Towards the end of our talk Jeff gives me an idea of one of his sexual fantasies. He delivers a story of what it might look like on the inside of a horny straight guys brain. They say a picture is worth a thousands words, then Jeff’s words are worth a million dollars! Hot Hot Hot

For a decade now Jeff and his big baby blues have popped up all over computer screens over the world. He has gained momentum over the years and is the winner of the Cybersocket Award for Best Amateur Web Cam. Doing research for this piece was somewhat stimulating to say the least. Before starting I had to verify that Jeff was an actual real person. To my skeptical questions Jeff’s reply was, “Hey Accidental Bear, it’s really me 🙂 Those damn impostors are crazy! Every week I’m busting at least one faker on Facebook, MySpace, Xtube, etc.” As it turns out is a legit company, man powered by the star himself, Jeff. The deeper I dug  I discovered that is flourishing and also selling name branded products including Jeff’s signature lube.

Q & A:

Accidental Bear: So, I have to clear up one this thing first, the pink elephant in the room. Jeff, you are indeed straight?

Jeff: Yes, I’m straight. I’m married too. Some people online don’t believe I’m str8 because there is so much gay for pay, str8 acting, or straight guys doing gay porn, so they think I must fit into that category.

Accidental Bear:  What was your intention behind the first video you put out? And When was that?

Jeff: Way back in 2000 I put out my first video. My intention was and always will be for fun. I enjoy showing off on camera and since people were willing to watch me do it, I decided to record it. Since not everyone can make a scheduled live cam show, I figured it would be best if I recorded the video and then added it to my site for people to watch afterward.

A B:  Did you think at the time that millions of gay guys would be lusting for you via the internet?

Jeff: No way! I had no clue that would be anything serious and that millions of gay guys would be lusting for me via the internet. I even used my real name, Jeff and not a “show name”. I thought I was going to do a show or two and in a sense be done with it, but it was addicting and fun and 10 years later I’m fucking toys in HD, jerking my cock twice a week on cam, and showing off online for my fans and members. I’m also on twitter @str8cam and enjoy staying in touch with the people who watch me on cam.

A B: Would you ever consider doing a gay porn, lets say for a million bucks?

Jeff: No. I’m str8 and happily married and not interested in doing gay porn for money. I’m lucky enough to have a wife that understands str8cam and doesn’t mind me doing solo cam shows for my gay fans.

A B:  So, we “know” you from in front of the camera. What things are you involved with in your personal life? Work, hobbies etc.

Jeff: In my personal life, I have a full-time job. I can’t say anything more about that because I have been fired from jobs in the past after they learned that their employee was showing his ass for everyone online. It’s tough juggling both but I pull it off well. No one at work knows about str8cam and no one in the online world knows about my work. I hope to eventually quit my job and then focus on expanding with the addition of new cam guys to add further variety to my site. In my personal life I also enjoy working out and staying in shape. I try to go to the gym at least 3 days a week. Just depends on my hectic work schedule. I’m also busy growing my new brand of lubricant, str8cam lube. so often in free time, I’m setting up link swaps, blogging about my lube that looks like cum, or tweeting with my fans. When I’m not working, my wife and I enjoy going to the movies, going out to eat, and doing anything that’s not work related. We also watch a lot of tv at night (lol). Being  poor sucks!

A B: After making your videos for a decade now I am sure you must get recognized on the street. Have you had any awkward moments of “fans” approaching you in the real world?

Jeff: It’s crazy but I have only been recognized or approached once. I also would have thought it would have been more since I have been making videos for a decade. But in reality, the online world is so vast and the real world is pretty small. The time I was recognized was at Frys electronics in Burbank. The person was pretty shy, was staring at me, came up to me and asked if I was that guy online, I said ,”Yes”, he said, “It was nice to meet you”, and he pretty much left. I was also with my wife once at Vegas when I was recognized and when we got approached, he asked if I was that guy online and we said, “What guy?” He was struggling to come up with a name so we said, “No, what do you mean?” … and then we left knowing that he knew.

A B: Are you open to your family and friends about the work you do?

Jeff: No. In person I’m actually a bit shy. Not shy like, “shy” ,but shy as in not comfortable having my family or friends know about my online work. str8cam is my “second life” even though it’s all one life in reality.

A B: Give me highlight your yours from the last few years?

Jeff: Lets see, over the last few years I have been working like a dog. My wife lost her job last year so I been picking up the slack. I do 2 weekly cam shows and work full-time at my job. This last year I have really been focusing on expanding my new str8cam lube, cum lube. It’s lube that I made to look and feel like my cum. It’s pretty damn awesome and it just won the 2011 tla gay award for favorite sex toy/accessory. Also, over the last few years I have had a few solo guys do cam shows at my site. I hope to eventually add more guys and to further expand my cam site and str8cam products.

A B: Any advice for “those” guys that can’t keep their woody up? You seem to have no trouble in this category.

Jeff: I think it’s genetics. Not really sure. Some people stay harder, some last longer, and some shoot bigger. I can get a hard on just by going camando…lol. It’s true. So I’m always wearing undies or at least boxers. Sometimes even with

boxers I will pop a chubby. I guess my dick is pretty sensitive. The only advice I might be able to give someone who can’t keep their woody up is to think of something sexual that turns you on. If it’s doggy style and your fucking missionary then think of doggy style. Whatever it is that makes your dick hard, think of that when you have trouble getting a woody. Also, try using lube that’s visually sexually stimulating. It might help. My lube, str8cam lube looks like a wad, it looks like you shot your load and that might turn you on and keep your dick from getting soft.

A B:  Your body hasn’t seemed to have changed at all in the past 10 yrs. What type of physical activities are you involved in that keep you in tip-top shape? I know jacking off doesn’t give you a 6 pack.

Jeff: Thanks! I wish jacking off gave me a 6 pack. That would be awesome. The best thing I found for abs is incline sit ups. I try to do those every other day when possible. They are awesome and work great. Second best for me is the ab ball. I do ab ball crunches when I don’t feel like doing incline  sit ups. I just make it a point to do abs after every other workout and overall it seems to work for me. My abs are usually sore the next day so that’s why I don’t do them daily. I don’t want to  over train my muscles, even if it’s abs. Also, for physical activity, my wife and I have a lot of sex. At least a few times a week. We also play the Wii, walk the dog, go hiking, etc.. pretty much doing any exercise will keep you in shape or get u in shape. For me, gym cardio, I do 15 to 20 minutes before every workout. usually it’s treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine.

A B: In high school were you a jock?

Jeff: Sort of. I had some muscles & the jock look so I fit in with the jocks. But I’m also a nice person and I could get along with anyone so I didn’t just hang out with the jocks. I don’t like “groups” or separation. I believe in the old phrase “can’t we all just get along?”. I was never into “clicks”.

A B: Do you recall any openly gay kids in you high school where you grew up? Any recollection of bullying?

Jeff: No. I’m from a small town where kids grew up with not much bullying. Hard to believe in this day and age where everyone is beating up everyone and high school shootings are common. I can’t believe how “deadly” it is to go to school these days. Constantly on the news is such and such gets stabbed at school, teacher gets shot, kid gets beat up or bullied for being gay, etc. it’s awful! I wish people were not so judgmental and that more people could get along with each other without bullying or gay hatred.

A B: What percentage of your viewers of your live shows do you think are women? Is that who you aim to please?

Jeff: About 10 percent of my members are women. Most of the women don’t come in chat for my live shows, they just watch my cam without interaction. Not sure why exactly. I aim to please everyone. Most of the members of my site are gay men.

A B: I may have caught a show or two of yours and you seem to always have a heart melting smirk on your face. What goes on in your head as you are performing? Pamela Anderson’s breasts?

Jeff: LoL. She does have nice breasts though 🙂 Thanks for watching one or 2 of my shows. In general I’m a pretty happy easy-going guy. Most things or stress don’t get me down and I smirk a lot. I’m amused by things and my members are hilarious. They constantly crack jokes and constantly keep me smiling.

A B: I see that you have branded your own lube. Are you planning on any other products?

Jeff: Thanks! I have been working hard on str8cam lube  I didn’t want it to look clear like most other lubes so I figured i would try to make it look like cum instead. At first I thought people would be grossed out by lube that looks like cum but that’s been the number one selling point. People love how my lube feels like cum and looks like cum. Plus it’s safe to use with condoms and sex toys. I’m planning to make more products. I want to have str8cam lube condoms, my own cock clone, and a fuck toy. Maybe even a few other products depending on how much people like each one I make. I also just made a special discount code for your fans and readers. Just have them use discount code accidentalbear when they buy my lube from and they will get an extra special 10% off just for being a reader of your blog 🙂

A B: I know some porn stars that have a goal of molding their dicks and selling the actual replicas. Is that something you would consider.

Jeff: Yes! I have been getting a bunch of requests for that and will eventually mold my own dick and sell the replica. I’m first focusing on getting str8cam lube out there more and getting it into more stores, then I will be able to contact

the stores when the time is right to let them know that my str8cam schlong is ready.

A B: Would you consider yourself a porn star?

Jeff: I don’t really consider myself a porn star since when I think of “porn star”, I usually associate it as someone who has sex on film. Although sometimes I do consider myself as a solo porn star since I have solo jack off dvd’s available

for purchase and I don’t just do a live cam show.

A B: Give me a sexual fantasy of yours that might be so damn hot that one of my readers would throw their credit card number at you to get to the front of the line.

Jeff: Don’t tell my wife… Assuming I was “not” married, my wildest sexual “fantasy” would be that I’m at the gym working out hard, and I just got off the treadmill. I’m hot and sweaty, so I take off my shirt and just keep my tank top on. This hot chick with a killer booty is checking me out (I’m an ass man, remember). I’m looking at her fine ass thinking about the best way to tear it up. I love doggy style, and I’m thinking about tapping that ass but I don’t approach her like she might expect. Instead, this other hot girl from across the gym walks over and starts talking to me. She says she has seen me before somewhere but can’t remember where. I introduce myself and say that my name is Jeff. She instantly remembers that she saw me at and now she wants to fuck. So we start heading for the door and “booty girl” sees me leaving so she comes running around the corner. I’m thinking, “Fuck, this is awesome! I’m going to have my first threesome!” I open the door to my car and booty girl gets in the back seat. The other chick gets in the front. I put my car in drive and start racing home. Booty girl reaches up front and starts playing with my cock. This other girl sees it, and since she’s sitting up front, she unzips my pants and starts sucking on my dick.  Booty girl is jacking me off with one hand while this other chick is giving me the best blow-job I’ve ever had. I’m trying to keep my car on the road, swerving a little but nothing dangerous. I’m driving faster ’cause I’m getting close. Booty girl starts stroking me harder and this other chick starts sucking me off even deeper. I’m about to shoot a huge load, and I can’t wait. My dick and balls get tight, and I cum hard. I made this chick gag. She swallowed most of my load and cleaned the rest up with her bra. I’m still so fucking horny, so I ask booty girl to cum sit up front while the other chick goes and sits in the back. Booty girl is so fucking wet, her panties are soaked. She only got to jerk me off and now she wants my dick. I’m still lubed up with cum, and her pussy is so sweet and juicy. I’m rubbing it, playing with it and my dick is still rock hard. So she pulls her panties to the side and backs her ass up on me. I want to butt fuck her so bad! I play with her ass for a second, and then I squeeze my throbbing cock into her tight little butthole. Fuck! It feels so good. This chick has a fucking tight ass. I’m loving this booty! I can’t get it in all the way, but damn I’m trying. Her ass is delicious, and I want it all. I put my right hand on her butt and I start pushing down on her rump a little while I’m thrusting up butt fucking her. I’m almost in all the way. My cock feels squished, and I’m loving it. She is moaning so loud, so good, so crazy. She can’t handle it. I can’t handle it. I’m about to cum, this booty girl is working my dick soo good. I put my fingers in her pussy, and I start finger fucking her. I want her to cum while I cum in her ass. I’m going to shoot my nut any minute! I just can’t handle all this ass. I’m all the way inside her butt now. It’s soo fucking good and soo fucking tight! I’m fucking her ass fast and hard. Hard as I can while driving. I’m forcing my forearm down on her backside so my dick stays in her hole while I shoot. I don’t want to pull out now. I thrust harder. She moans, I moan, I cum. I’m still cumming. So much cum, I’m filling her ass up. I stay inside her, I don’t want to give this ass up. Finally she gets off my dick, I pull my fingers from her pussy. She came. I came. I loved it. I’m spent. I came soo hard, and it was soo good. I’m never missing the gym again. Damn! I’m definitely going back tomorrow!!


(Pheeeww, We’ll have a short intermission after that “workout”)

A B: What are your summer plans? Str8can takes over world tour, 1 j/o at a time?

Jeff: lol. Great plan! For summer, my wife and I are going on vacation. Can’t wait! Only about a month to go. It’s our 2 year anniversary soon. For my str8cam lube plans, I plan to get it for sale in every state and most of the bigger

countries. I been working hard to make it happen and my fans have also been helping me. They have been going to local stores and asking if they sell str8cam lube, then when the stores says no, they tell them about my product and that they should sell it since it’s awesome and it looks and feels like cum. I can’t believe summer is already almost here. I remember opening Christmas gifts what seemed like only a month ago..

A B: Tell me something about yourself that your viewers would never have guessed about you.

Jeff: I eat tons of junk food, lots of As a kid we were not allowed to have sweets, soda, candy, etc.. so as an adult I eat whatever the hell I want. At the same time though I eat healthy, weird combo I know. Today I had 6 or 7 of those little Reeces Easter eggs and then tonight for dinner I had a healthy wrap, watermelon, and a protein shake. Halloween and Easter are my favorite holidays. love the candy 🙂

Below we have Jeff goofing around and modeling his lube! Thanks for the chat. Now get to work!  xoxo

28 Comments to “The Man Behind Talks with Accidental Bear & Things get Steamy”

  1. Omg I love this article . Makes me hot and horny just reading it. Love that fantasy of yours jeff sounds like one i have except with two or three guys lol. Man I love your lube it is awesome it feels so slick and smooth never sticky. When I jack off with it feels so fucking good it takes me to shear extasy where the pleasures are endless.

  2. I am surprised about him being able to maintain his anonymity, nothing is really private these days. Anal while driving, now that sounds real hot. (not) Good interview though and appreciate his honesty!

  3. I am also amazed he’s been able to keep it a secret with him being so visible on line. I guess the people who he wants to keep it from aren’t viewing same sites that I am 🙂 He was a real sweet heart!

  4. I just wish I had Jeff’s body, and his discipline! Sexy hot baby!

  5. I’m not getting the appeal of any of this. It seems like he doesn’t really have ANY connection to ‘gay for pay’ or those allegedly ‘straight guy first time’ sites; he isn’t having ANY sexual interactions with other men. The controversy of those sites is that the guys are having gay sex but claim to be heterosexual. This is just a man masturbating and performing various solo sex acts.

    Also, there’s one part that is cracking me up because…do you watch 30 Rock? You know how self-centered and self-obsessed Jenna Maroney is? So like, often times someone will say something and she hears a compliment even though there wasn’t one? Like on one episode someone says “You showed up here and sang four bars of something called ‘Muffin Top'” and she says “Thank you!,” because to her what he was really saying was “and you were amazing!” So, like, when you just mention that he’s branding his own lube, and his first response is “Thank you!” I was cracking UP.

  6. He has never claimed to be gay for pay or sexual interaction with other men. Men and women, but mostly gay men get off on watching him get off. He is hi own product and he’s doing quite well for himself.

    I have never watched 30 Rock but that sounds hilarious!

    Mike E

  7. It doesn’t matter your orientation, if he enjoys knowing that men are jerking off to him that’s all that matters. I don”t think we need draw lines in the sand as to who watches or performs for who. Sexuality is ultimately more fluid then then we think.

  8. call me baby

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  12. I love this guy. I mean he is hot and sexy and most of all “real”. He is hot and yet at the same time humble. The kind of guy most men would be proud to call their son. He loves sex and what man doesn’t? He doesn’t mind sharing even though his sexuality is heterosexual. Not intimidated by gay men like so many men who are straight. This tells me he is really comfortable with who he is as a man. Jeff I have been an admirer for a long time and hope to be for a long time to come. Would love to have you as my friend but happy to have you any way I can. Thanks for the hours of entertainment.

    • Jeff is actually (2016) in jail for prostitution (with men), fraud, raped his own teenage son and other unmentionable crimes

      • I think you are thinking of someone else. I don’t believe it is Jeff you are speaking of. If so, please provide some form of proof. A link to an arrest, a magazine article, something. If what you say is true it is a terrible thing. If what you say is not true it is a despicable thing to write without proof. Trust me, I worked in law enforcement for thirty years, the last fifteen supervising two sex offender units. I know anything is possible but the burden of proof is on the accuser. It is much too easy to make a blanket statement under the name anonymous and ruin someone’s reputation. Not that you are necessarily doing that but you must provide some validation.

      • Bullshit you bitchy little gossip queen. Jeff is a genuinely good person, friendly guy. You deserve a punch in face.

      • Don’t make allegations you can’t back up. If you make a statement show some proof. If you can’t than just shut up.

  13. A straight guy who flaunts it like Jeff is such a turn-on!!

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  17. I’ve always thought him stupid-hot. That face is the thing that gets me. Very kissable. Hope his wife gives him lots of kisses (too). Damn shame he’s not gay. Damn shame.

  18. He is so fake. He is in jail for prostitution, he use yo have sex with men for money.

  19. Where is he now i wonder?

  20. Hi Jeff you may not remember me but we met while back on MySpace. We began great friends and we text a lot. Now I lost your number and can’t text you. And I wondering if we can text again and catch up what we left off. My name is Eugene Brown from Hartselle, Alabama. I am 52 avenge looking guy with a big heart. I would join your site but I can’t cause I am on disability. You’re my favorite friend and actor. You have sent me some pics and some videos but I got new phone and don’t have your number no more.
    Would you be that friend again and text me again? My number is 256.502.1941 when you text me, leave your full name and a pic so I know it is you ok Jeff.

    Your long lost friend –

    Eugene ~

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