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May 7, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day: Woodsy Beard

by Accidental Bear

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May 7, 2011

Join the Boys at LONESTAR for a Night of Live Music with Performances; SF CA

by Accidental Bear

Jeb Havens
Tawnee Kendall
JJ & David Beck
and Alex Stefani

Locally grown musicians.

100% organic, no artificial flavors.

Saturday, May 7th starting at 10PM.

Dapper Jeb Havens Dazzling Dudes and Dames!

“Video from the launch party for Homophonic, our new monthly event at Martuni’s. Such great energy! This video is me performing “Gone”, while sporting my new “signature” sportcoat. 🙂 Check out my youtube channel for other vids…”- Jeb

May 7, 2011

30th Anniversary of Mommie Dearest w/ Trannie Dearest; Castro Therater SF

by Accidental Bear

Peaches Christ Productions presents the ULTIMATE MOMMIE DEAREST: 30th Anniversary Birthday Celebration, just in time for Mother’s Day weekend, for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the historic CASTRO THEATRE! Hosted by the Mommie from Hell — PEACHES CHRIST herself — this special evening will also include the anticipated return of the legendary pre-show TRANNIE DEAREST with Heklina, Martiny, and Peaches’ real-life mother Mrs. Christ!

You think as a bitter, been there done that queen, that you couldn’t possible be shocked and amused by a herd of drag queens? Well, I double dog dare you to put that idea of yours to a test tonight and head on down to the Castro Theater tonight for the show. Be warned Peaches shows end up somewhat interactive with the audience at times, so if you don’t want to be humiliated in public sit in the back, but if you get off on such perversion I suggest get your butt there early and plant yourself in the front row. AB

May 7, 2011

Still Made in America, Left Field

by Accidental Bear

QA | Left Field’s Christian McCann on Beards, Music and More

left field duck canvas chino 00 QA | Left Fields Christian McCann on Beards, Music and More

We spent a few moments with Left Field’s Christian McCann recently to get some insight on the designers choice in choons and living. For those not familiar with Left Field, they’re a small operation producing fine work and casual garments for men. Almost all of their wears are made in N.Y. – they keep it tight. READ Q&A

QA | Left Field's Christian McCann on Beards, GG Allin, and More...left field chinos spring2011 1 QA | Left Fields Christian McCann on Beards, Music and More

May 7, 2011

Me Wants a Felt Mouse

by Accidental Bear

Joey Roth’s The Felt Mouse

joeyroth felt mouse 9 Joey Roths The Felt Mouse

Joey Roth’s latest project looks to hark back to a time of wood mice with compression clicks. It’s clearly a nicer form, replacing the “razor” movement with a precision optical control. It’s very much a modern mouse with an incredibly unique form. “The Felt Mouse will be launched on the 13th this month, part of American Design Club’s “Use Me” exhibit.”

May 7, 2011

Michael Stipe Reflects on AIDS Witch Hunt

by Accidental Bear

There are monsters under the bed and trolls under the bridge to worry about, but your real concern, the one that slaps you in the face may be AIDS; In your friends faces, in your community, your next door neighbor, on fliers and billboards. Michael Stipe talks about moving to New York  at 21 and getting his wake up call. AB


‘Holy shit. This is for real.’

By Editors


Michael Stipe recalls being frightened by AIDS as a young man and compares the early days of testing to a witch hunt, according to an article in Interview magazine.

Asked what he’s afraid of, the R.E.M. vocalist replies, “I’m afraid of everything. I’m not a naturally courageous person, but AIDS really brought it home. I mean, it was right when I was 21 years old and came to New York and saw the first billboard about AIDS. It was like, ‘Holy shit. This is for real.’ It was scary. It was right at the time when I was in a band. Suddenly there were all these people who were available to me — men and women — and I was really having fun. But then there came responsibility and feeling afraid and being afraid to get tested, because you couldn’t get tested anonymously. It was so fucked up.” READ MORE

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