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May 9, 2011

“Memorial Day”, What it Means to Chloe

by Accidental Bear

What ever Chloe says, I do, no  questions asked.

Find out what Memorial Day means to Chloe!
Performed by Drew Droege. Directed by Jim Hansen

May 9, 2011

Fluff: Kitty Rubbing Beard Over and Over and…

by Accidental Bear

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May 9, 2011

Tokyo’s Cat Cafes: Patrons Pay To Sip Tea And Stroke Resident Cats

by Accidental Bear

This might threaten to take the cat lady out of her house, cat cafes, who knew? Their origin is in Japan, which makes perfect sense with the popularity of Hello kitty there. No, cats are not on the menu at cat cafes, but they inhabit these cafes. “In an increasingly childless and aging nation, cat cafes fill a void. The more fortunate Japanese are the middle-aged couples who cradle Dachshunds like grandchildren at car dealerships and the young women who hand feed their Maltese puppies on park benches. For those who live with long work hours, no-pet apartments and work-related travel, there are cat cafes.” -AB



TOKYO — I followed the instructions of the watchful cashier and took off my shoes, sanitized my hands, placed my bag in a locker and dangled an ID card (“customer #18”) from a lanyard around my neck. The cashier then gave me a once over and a shallow bow, and I padded quietly into the sitting room of the cafe.

“She’s the prettiest girl we have at our cafe. Everybody wants to touch her, but we ask that customers only do so if she doesn’t resist you,” a waitress told me.

She didn’t resist. And since I was paying for the privilege, I leaned in and stroked her cheek. She was as lovely as the waitress had promised: a big-eyed, silky soft, compliant 2-year-old Russian Blue cat.

I was at Calico, one of Tokyo’s increasingly popular cat cafes, where customers seeking human and feline companionship pay to sip tea and stroke one of the 20-odd resident cats, representing 17 different breeds. READ MORE

May 9, 2011

Bay to Breakers Turns 100: Don’t Forget to Bring Your Respect to the Race

by Accidental Bear

“Should I Stay or Should I Go… If I go There Will Be Trouble…” This  year is the celebration of the HISTORIC 100TH ZAZZLE BAY TO BREAKERS. The race itself has become a keg party on wheels. This year there is suppose to be a large crack down on activities that break the official rules such as public nudity, non registered runners and  drinking. In protest there have been sites popping up giving you 1,2,3 instructions, encouraging you to break these rules ( Let me remind of what the “race” is all about :

“The 100-year old Zazzle Bay to Breakers 12k is one of the world’s largest and oldest footraces, held annually in San Francisco, California. The name reflects the traditional course which takes tens of thousands of participants from the northeast end of the downtown area near The Embarcadero (the “bay” side of the city) to the west end of the city and the “breakers” of Ocean Beach. The 7.46 mile (12 kilometer) race features world-class athletes in addition to costumed runners and ‘fun-loving’ folks out for a great day of running and walking through San Francisco.”

I personally do not have the patience for the shenanigans that surround the race. Along the route you will have an overflow of opportunities to snap shots of outrageous costumes, naked people (for later use), and 1,000’s of people pissing and shitting on your front stepsI am all about getting dressed up in drag, covering myself in fake blood and taping an “abortion’ to the side of my leg, blowing off some steam and partying in the streets. What happens during the course of the race though, is a mob mentality of chaos and loss of respect for the race in which brings them their in the first place. I say enjoy the race and make should you don’t forget to pack a large dose of respect for your neighbors.

“Throughout its long history Bay to Breakers has been a showcase for the City’s irrepressible color and its affection for eclectic traditions. Although runners come from across the country and around the globe, the race is still a quintessential San Francisco experience and a true reflection of life between the breakers and the Bay.”


Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 7am – 12:00pm
USA Track & Field Certified 12k Race

The course closes at 11:30am at the intersection of JFK Drive and Chain of Lakes drive in Golden Gate Park. Registrants who have not passed this intersection by 11:30am, will not have the opportunity to cross the Finish Line in time to collect a Finisher’s Medal. The finish line closes promptly at noon as stipulated by the race’s road closure permit. Please plan your time accordingly.

May 9, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day: Vintage

by Accidental Bear

May 9, 2011

Fashion Inspiration from Real People Around the World; Nicolas L, Musician From Lille

by Accidental Bear
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Vintage Adidas Jacket From Jgch Store, Zara Pants, Vintage Converse All Star 1181762_image_9
May 9, 2011

2011-12 A/W Fashion Show London On Schedule –» Tim Soar

by Accidental Bear

Tim Soar

“Menswear needs designers who are unafraid to demand emotions and to make us weak at the knees. With designers like the clever design duo Steven Cox and Daniel Silver showing in New York and Damir Doma showing in Paris, Tim Soar has joined these ranks, this time in London.
Tim Soar began his artful career in the music scene, a scene that has proven to be a constant reference and inspiration in his work as one of London’s most promising menswear designers. He began to Dj and worked with Graham Ball, one of the masters of the London club scene. In 2005, the Tim Soar label was born, and his love of music and, perhaps, the past has had a strong presence in his work ever since. He has said about fashion, “What you see is what you get, and anything else seems superfluous”. These sobering and no nonsense words describe his clothes perfectly.”

May 9, 2011

Your Abs Aren’t Going to Get My Vote Schock

by Accidental Bear

I say do what it takes. It will take you showing me more than your waxed and airbrushed abs to get me to vote for you. The world of politics is a different creature than it once was. One day our presidential debates with have a swim suit portion and a America Next Top Model pose off. AB


Shirtless Schock in Men’s Health

By Editors


Antigay conservative Rep. Aaron Schock, who once burned a belt blogs said made him look gay, appears shirtless on the cover of the new issue of Men’s Health, with the magazine dubbing him “America’s Fittest Congressman.”

Schock, 29, a freshman congressman from Peoria, Ill., is teaming up with the magazine for the Fit for Life summer challenge. In fact, Schock is better known for his abs than for his policy. A photo of him in a swimsuit poolside first went viral in 2009 when TMZ posted it on the popular gossip site.

But Schock has also made known his feelings on gay issues. In Febuary, he spoke out strongly favoring the Defense of Marriage Act and bashing the Obama administration’s refusal to defend DOMA.

Last year, when a photo of Schock wearing an aquamarine belt many bloggers said made him look gay went viral, he tweeted that he’s “burned the belt” and that he “never thought a pic of me w/ my shirt on would go viral.”

May 9, 2011

Betty White and Her Gays. “I think the gay community seems to like old ladies”

by Accidental Bear
Betty White at the 1988 Emmy Awards.

Image via Wikipedia

Be careful with your words Betty. Gay followers are like a double sided sword, they will turn on you in  hot second. But for now, Betty White is living out her second wind in Hollywood and the gays are there on the ride with her.


Betty White Reflects on Gay Following

Reflecting on the popularity of the Golden Girls, actress Betty White said that the gay community “seems to like old ladies.”

By Editors

Golden Girls star Betty White reflected on the popularity of her show with gay audiences, saying that she believes the gay community “seems to like old ladies, they always have.”

The seven-time Emmy winner, currently starring on TV in Hot in Cleveland, spoke with WNYC host Leonard Lopate last week. He asked White whether she was surprised by the large gay following that the Golden Girls enjoyed and her popularity in the gay community.

“I think the gay community seems to like old ladies, they always have,” she said. “And when we were on live with Golden Girls on Saturday night they’d shut down the music, stop the dancing, watch the show, then turn the music and the dancing back on. We were very grateful and they’ve been dear friends.” READ MORE

May 9, 2011

Are Gay Men More at Risk for Cancer?

by Accidental Bear
Normal cancer cell division from NIH

Image via Wikipedia

Cancer is never cute. Especially when it comes knocking on your communities door at alarming higher rate than other communities. Statistics have been gathered recently and findings are published in the journal Cancer. Large questions have been risen about the  results of studies. But it’s always good to find out who and why “something” knocking at your door.- AB


Info via

“Out of 51,000 men, about 3,700 said they had been diagnosed with cancer as an adult. While just over 8 percent of gay men reported a history of cancer, that figure was only 5 percent in straight men. The disparity could not be attributed to differences in race, age, or income between gay and straight men.”

“A lack of hard data” on how sexual orientation affects the risk of cancer is “one of the biggest problems we have,” said Liz Margolies, executive director of The National LGBT Cancer Network. Margolies, who was not involved in the research, told Reuters Health, “It’s critical that we know that for funding and for program planning.”

READ MORE SOURCE: Cancer, online May 9, 2011.

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