Compulsive Shopping Isn’t Just for Girls, Men Just Wanna Have Fun Too

by Accidental Bear

Compulsive is compulsive. Whether you wash your hand 60 times a day to bloody stumps, check your self in the mirror every 30 seconds or buy $700- silly items on your lunch break while having a shit-day, it’s still considered compulsion. Details Daily just published this article about men who shop to fill the big dark void with purchases. I know how some of you “fill” the void, dirty!~AB

When Coltrane Curtis needs a break during the workday, he doesn’t linger over a long lunch or head to the gym. He goes shopping. Recently, he picked up a pair of vintage Cazal aviators. One time, he bought a Zero Halliburton briefcase; another time, it was a $7,000 Leica camera.

Curtis, the 32-year-old owner of a marketing firm in New York, admits that he shops for clothes far more than his wife does. Evidence of this comes in the form of 600 pairs of sneakers stacked in boxes in the spare bedroom of his Tribeca apartment. In response to his habit, his wife has given him the kind of order that is usually heard coming from the mouths of grouchy sitcom husbands: Stop buying shoes. READ MORE

“A recent study of men’s buying habits done by WSL Strategic Retail found that guys in their twenties and early thirties visit a greater variety of stores than older men do. “They tend to shop more like women,” says Wendy Liebmann, WSL’s founder and president.

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